Engine BMW N62B40

The engines of the BMW N62 series are V-8 units with 2 overhead camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder, as well as SFI fuel injection. BMW N62 engines have been produced since 2005. The BMW N62B40 has a displacement of 4 liters (3996 cc) and develops 306 hp (225 kW) at 6300 rpm. The torque is 390 Nm at 3500 rpm. Continue reading Engine BMW N62B40

Engine BMW N53B25

The six-cylinder in-line engine N53B25 was designed on the basis of the N52B25 and completely replaced it in 2007. The cylinder block, which is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, has undergone very minor modifications, the designers have changed the pistons and increased the Compression ratio (now it is equal to 12.0). The head with double vanos was modified, a direct injection system was added. The Valvetronic system was completely removed from the unit. The engine ECU was also replaced – now the motor is controlled by the MSD81 system from Siemens. This unit was installed on the BMW 23i model in the body – E60 / E61. Continue reading Engine BMW N53B25

Engine BMW N42B18

BMW N42B18 engines are in-line 4-cylinder engines with DOHC gas distribution system. The predecessor of this unit model was the M43 series engines. The main feature of the N42B18 is the two overhead camshafts and the innovative VANOS system. This technology made it possible to reduce fuel consumption and reduce outlet gas pollution. And Valvetronic technology contributes to increased power by optimizing the cylinder filling with the mixture. Continue reading Engine BMW N42B18

Engine BMW M54B30

This engine was created in 2000 on the basis of the M52TUB28 engine and was first installed on the restyled versions of the BMW E46 and BMW E39. In addition to the M54B30, the range of new motors includes the M54B22, M54B25 and S54B32. As in the M52B28TU internal combustion engine, the cylinder block is made of aluminum alloy, but using cast iron liners. In 2004, BMW presented the world with a new line of N52 engines, which smoothly began to replace the M54 line. In 2006, the M54B30 ICE completely left the production line. But in 2006, on the basis of the M54, one of the most successful BMW N54 turbocharged engines was created, which was massively installed on cars with the 35i index. Continue reading Engine BMW M54B30

Engine BMW N45B16

The small 1.6-liter BMW N45B16 engine was developed in 2004 based on the predecessor N42B18. The new engine has a different crankshaft with a shorter piston stroke (it was 81, now 72 mm), different connecting rods and a modified piston. In addition, the Valvetronic valve lift system is not used on the N45B16. The cylinder head is covered with another cover, a new generator and candles are used. Engine management system Bosch ME 9.2. Since 2007, the engine has been updated, received a new Bosch ME17.4.5 control unit, and the letter N has been added to the name – N45NB16. This engine was used on BMW cars with an index of 16i. Along with this engine in the limited edition N45 series, a 2-liter sports version was also produced – the N45B20S. Continue reading Engine BMW N45B16

Engine BMW N43B20

The BMW N43B20 engine is a four-cylinder in-line gasoline unit produced by BMW from 2007 to 2011. There are three versions of the N43 engine, which have gained popularity and recognition among motorists around the world. Unlike its predecessor, the N42 engine, the new BMW N43 engine features direct fuel injection and Valvetronic valve lift systems. The engine was produced in conjunction with such units as N45 and N46, however, in terms of demand, it surpassed its followers in this period of time. This engine has been designed to achieve an optimally high level of torque combined with economy and environmental friendliness – a combination that is not always easy to achieve. Continue reading Engine BMW N43B20

Engine BMW M44B19

The BMW M44B19 engine is a 4-cylinder engine that replaced the M42 engine and was produced from 1996 to 2001 at the Steyr plant. This power unit has taken a leading position in the BMW four-cylinder engine program and compared to the M42, many design changes have been made on the M44 both in the engine itself, in the control system and in the outlet system. Continue reading Engine BMW M44B19

Engine BMW M50B20

A two-liter version of the M50 engine, produced since 1990, which took its place in 1990 with the 520i, and a year later with the 320i. The cylinder diameter is 80 mm and the piston stroke is 66 mm. As a result, the engineers managed to get a power equal to 150 hp. Continue reading Engine BMW M50B20

Engine BMW N45B20S

In 2006, the N45 engine received a new modification – N45B20S with a displacement of 1997 cc. The updated inline 4-cylinder engine differs from its predecessor in terms of power – 126 kW (173 hp). In addition to improving technical characteristics, the main technological improvement of the engine was undoubtedly the use of the innovative Valvetronic system, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire engine as a whole. Continue reading Engine BMW N45B20S

Engine BMW N46B18

The BMW N46 engine is a four-cylinder piston engine with two overhead camshafts, which replaced the N42 and has been in production since 2004. The N46 was produced alongside the N45 (which does not have Valvetronic) and the N43 (which has direct injection). The BMW N46B18 1.8 L (1796 cc) engine produces 114 horsepower (85 kW) at 5500 rpm and 175 Nm of torque at 3750 rpm. Continue reading Engine BMW N46B18

Engine BMW N46B20

After the inline four N42B20, BMW began producing a motor with the N46 index, its two-liter modification was named N46B20. It is based on the N42B20 engine, and it seems that the new motor does not differ from the old one at all, but this is only at first glance. In the BMW N46B20 engine, the volume was increased to 2.0 L (1995 cc). Different versions of the engine have different power from 129 to 170 horsepower on average at 6000 rpm, the torque is also different and is 180 or 200 Nm at 3750 rpm. Continue reading Engine BMW N46B20

Engine BMW N53B30

The BMW N53B30 engine is a version of the N53 series engine, produced in several modifications – the 2007 unit has a working volume of 2996 cc, power 210 hp (with a torque of 270 Nm at 3500 rpm). In 2010, versions with a similar displacement, but with changed technical data, were launched into production: the less powerful N53B30 – 200 hp. Continue reading Engine BMW N53B30

Engine BMW N54B30

BMW N54B30 engine was used for BMW 3 Series vehicles. It was put on the high-end 335i configuration after 2007, replacing the 330i and its 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine (the model was positioned slightly lower than the BMW M3 with a 4-liter V8 engine). For 5 Series vehicles: Used on the mid-range BMW 535i since 2008, replacing the 3L 530i. Continue reading Engine BMW N54B30

Engine BMW N55B30

In 2009, to replace two brands of engines, BMW released a fresh generation of N55B30 engines. The new engine had an aluminum cylinder block similar to the N54. The cylinder block had cast iron liners and oil nozzles, a crankshaft weighing 3 kg, modified pistons with connecting rods. The connecting rods were now 144.35 mm long. The cylinder head was changed, the variable valve timing system on the two Bi-VANOS shafts was improved. Continue reading Engine BMW N55B30

Engine BMW N62B36

The basic version, based on the M62TUB35, in which the piston stroke has been increased, resulting in increased volume, power and torque. The BMW N62B36 engine has a displacement of 3.6 liters (3600 cc) and develops an output of 272 hp (200 kW) at 6200 rpm. The torque is 360 Nm at 3700 rpm. The cylinder diameter is 84 mm and the piston stroke is 81.2 mm. Continue reading Engine BMW N62B36

Engine BMW N43B16

The N43B16 engine is a modification of the N43 with a volume of 1599 cc. The engine has been produced since 2007. The engine power is 121 hp, and the peak torque of 160 N*m is achieved at 4250 rpm. The engine was installed on BMW cars with an index of 16i. A feature of the motor is the use of the well-proven Valvetronic valve lift system. The engine has a direct fuel injection system. Continue reading Engine BMW N43B16

Engine BMW N52B25

The 2.5-liter N52 engine of the N52B25 series has six cylinders arranged in one row. Its production began in 2005, in which it replaced the M54B25. Compared to the previous M-series engines, the engine is completely different. The engine uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy cylinder block. Aluminum alloy was used as a liner material, cylinder liners are made of alusin, which, when the internal combustion engine is operating, gives a durable silicon coating of the cylinder walls. The connecting rod-piston group has become lighter and the crankshaft has changed. Continue reading Engine BMW N52B25

Engine BMW S50B30

The basic 3-liter version of the sports engine for the sedan, coupe and convertible M3 produced for the European market (S50B30 EU) since 1992. In 1994, this is a 300 hp engine. was installed on the limited edition M3 GTR E36 coupe, and a year later the M3 GT E36 racing model was equipped with a 295-horsepower variant of this unit, with a torque of 324 Nm. In the same 1995, the BMW Motorsport department and Schnitzer Motorsport GmbH modified this power unit for the Australian racing version of the M3-R E36 coupe. Continue reading Engine BMW S50B30

Engine BMW S50B32

The most powerful variant of the S50 was introduced as a replacement for the 3-liter S50EU. This motor was installed on the updated M3 E36 (except for the models for North America and Canada, which were equipped with the S52 engine). The 3.2-liter BMW S50 engine was supplied with a new Bi-VANOS valve timing system, the valves were changed (the intake diameter was increased to 35 mm, the outlet diameter remained the same, the valve stem thickness decreased from 7 mm to 6 mm). The two-mass flywheel, the outlet system, and the thicker and shorter inlet have also undergone changes. Continue reading Engine BMW S50B32

Engine BMW N52B30

The N52B30 ICE debuted in 2004 and was offered in five variants: from 218 to 272 hp. for the European and US market. In 2006 and 2007, the 3.0-liter engine was included in the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list as the best in-line six-cylinder engine. The 218-horsepower version was produced in two versions, with a torque of 270 and 280 Nm and was designated as N52B30 U1. Continue reading Engine BMW N52B30