YAMZ engines

YaMZPowerful, reliable engines YMZ correspond to a high level and world trends in engine building. Today there are 12 families of YaMZ engines and more than 250 modifications. Diesel engines YaMZ are hardy, unpretentious, easy-to-maintain power units, perfectly adapted to work at low temperatures.

Engine YaMZ-236

The YaMZ-236 engine is the first of the V-shaped power units of YaMZ, before it the Yaroslavl Motor Plant produced only in-line engines: 4-cylinder YaAZ-204 and 6-cylinder YaAZ-206. Since the layout of the new engine was found to be more successful, the production of in-line models of the old model was discontinued in the eighties …

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Engine YaMZ-238

The YaMZ-238 engine has earned the reputation of being very reliable and unpretentious in operation, thanks to which the engine launched into series in the early 60s continues to be produced at the facilities of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant to this day.

Engine YaMZ-850

The YaMZ-850 engines manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant are among the most powerful in the product line of heavy YaMZ diesel engines. Motors of this family belong to turbocharged models and comply with two environmental standards Euro-0 and Euro-1. These power units are designed for tractors and stationary power units.

Engine YaMZ-651

The YaMZ-651 engine is a 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine with an in-line arrangement of cylinders, a liquid cooling system, turbocharging and charge air cooling in an air-to-air heat exchanger installed on a vehicle (without an EGR system).

Engine YaMZ-240

The YaMZ-240 engine is a 12-cylinder diesel power plant manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. The technical characteristics of the YaMZ-240 series engines are different, the engines of this family are divided into atmospheric ones – with a capacity of 300-360 hp, and turbocharged ones – 420-500 hp, but all have Euro-0 environmental indicators. The …

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Engine YaMZ-650

The YM3-650 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine became the Russian version of the French engine from Renault Trucks. The license for its serial production was acquired in 2006. This power unit has been widely used on heavy trucks and has proven itself positively. The motor is considered to be perfectly balanced due to the number of …

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Engine YaMZ-7511

The YaMZ-7511 diesel engine, designed to operate on large-sized trucks, is distinguished by modern equipment, advanced production and assembly technologies. The liquid-oil heat exchanger, which is equipped with the engine, makes it possible to carry out its rapid cooling. It is possible to work with both domestic gearboxes and gearboxes from leading foreign manufacturers.

Engine YaMZ-7601

The series of YaM3-7601 engines is the result of further modernization of the classic 6-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. In essence, the YaM3-7601 engine is a forced YaM3-2Z6BE2 engine, with an increased to 300 hp. power.

Engine YaMZ-534

The YaMZ-534 engine is a new family of L-shaped 4-cylinder diesel engines manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. The YaMZ-534 series was developed from scratch. This engine belongs to medium in-line diesel engines and is used as a power unit for trucks, dump trucks, chassis, tractors with wheel arrangement 4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4 and GVW …

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Engine YaMZ-7E846

The YaMZ-7E846 engine is a diesel, turbocharged, V-shaped, 8-cylinder four-stroke engine for sports trucks produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant since 1994. In 2014, it was discontinued at the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Continued to produce serially improved versions of the YaMZ-7E846 at TMZ (Tutaev, Yaroslavl region) under the designation TMZ-7E846 and TMZ-7E846.10-07, respectively.

Engine YaMZ-536

The YaMZ-536 engine is a diesel 6-cylinder 4-stroke engine. The working volume is 6.65 liters. It has a rear gear drive of the units, a liquid cooling system, turbocharging and charge air cooling in an air-to-air heat exchanger installed on the vehicle.

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