Engine YaMZ-7601

The series of YaM3-7601 engines is the result of further modernization of the classic 6-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. In essence, the YaM3-7601 engine is a forced YaM3-2Z6BE2 engine, with an increased to 300 hp. power.

Let’s figure out how the 236 Euro-2 engine differs from the YaMZ 7601. The old block was left – it is a cast-iron V6 with a camber angle of 90°, with cast-iron sleeves and with oil nozzles for cooling the pistons. The crankshaft is slightly modified, and the flywheel, pistons, piston rings and connecting rods are left the same. For the 7601 engines, there were 165 l/h oil pumps.


Number of cylinders 6
Valves 12
Displacement 11,15 liters
Cylinder bore 130 mm
Piston stroke 140 mm
Compression ratio 16,5
Power output 220 kW (300 hp) at 1900 rpm
Max torque output 1275 Nm (130 kgs * m) at 1100-1300 rpm
Thrust-specific fuel consumption 197 gram per kW / h (145 gram per hp / h)
Fuel consumption at speed 60 km/h 32 liters per 100 km (for Ural-6368)
Oil consumption up to 0.2% to diesel fuel consumption
Engine oil capacity 24 liters
Weight 1445 kg
Firing order 1-4-2-5-3-6
Engine lifespan not less than 600 thousand km
Length 1270 mm
Width 1045 mm
Height 1100 mm

Design Features

  • alternator – alternating current with V-belt drive, voltage 28V;
  • starting device – electric starter, rated voltage 24V;
  • clutch – dry friction, single-plate, with a diaphragm exhaust spring and asbestos-free linings;
  • gearbox – 9-speed, manual;
  • fuel supply system: split type, produced by YAZDA. Injection pump – 6-section, plunger (in-line 135.5-10). The speed controller is centrifugal, all-mode. Fuel priming pump – piston with manual fuel priming pump;
  • fuel filters – coarse cleaning with a replaceable filter element; fine filter with replaceable filter element;
  • cooling system: liquid, closed type with forced circulation of coolant. Equipped with a thermostatic device for automatically maintaining the thermal regime of the engine. The water pump is a belt driven centrifugal type. Oil-liquid heat exchanger – plate or tubular type.

Frequent problems

  • Stalls or starts and stalls. Check for air leaks, see fuel filters, pump, sometimes something foreign could get into the tank.
  • Engine knocking. The reasons can be in nozzles, pump, ignition, valves, rings, liners; here you need to open the engine and look.
  • Cracks in the cylinder head. A typical malfunction for these internal combustion engines and it forms on the inter-valve jumper.


  • white smoke – perhaps you have water in the tank or coolant enters the cylinders through a gasket or cracked cylinder head;
  • black smoke – you need to reduce the fuel on the injection pump using the lower power screw, most likely it is unscrewed to the maximum;
  • blue smoke – your oil is probably burning.

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