Engine Honda J32A

Honda’s J-series can be called the crown jewel of the company’s motors. J32 – V-shaped in its layout, absolutely uncharacteristic for Honda. At the same time, they are a real center of concentration of all kinds of technologies and innovations. The J32 engine line was originally intended only for expensive cars or for top versions of the most promising (popular) models. Continue reading Engine Honda J32A

Engine Honda J37A

Back in 2007, the legendary J37 engine was released specifically for Acura cars. At the heart of the new engine was the J35, which performed well on the early larger Acura and Honda models from 1999 onwards. Both engines are united by V-blocks with a height of 235mm with six cylinders. Unlike the J35, which had a crankshaft with a piston stroke of 93mm, in the J37 this parameter was already equal to 96mm. The diameter of the cylinders increased by one millimeter, and became equal to 90mm. The connecting rods have been reduced from 158.5mm up to 157mm. The cylinder head on the J37 was single-shaft and with a variable valve timing and VTEC valve lift. Continue reading Engine Honda J37A

Engine Honda J35A

In 1999, based on the J32 engine, Honda minders developed a new 3.5-liter J35A engine. It was based on a 235mm high V-block with six cylinders. The block had a forged crankshaft with a piston stroke of 93 mm and its compression height of 30 mm. The cylinder diameter was 89 mm. In addition, lightweight connecting rods with a length of 158.5 mm were present in the design. Continue reading Engine Honda J35A

Engine Honda B18C / B18B

It was in the B series that the VTEC system was first used. With a 1.8-liter engine, the story came out a little different. Honda decided to experiment with a B-engine without VTEC. This is how the B18B engine appeared, which was larger in volume (respectively with a better start), but absolutely normal when reaching the VTEC zone. Things changed completely when Honda decided to add VTEC to the 1.8-liter engine. The release of the B18C engine marked the emergence of a new generation of engines with “motorcycle” characteristics, when more than 100 hp were obtained from one liter of volume, and which could spin over 9000 rpm. Continue reading Engine Honda B18C / B18B

Engine Honda D17A

In 2000, the D17A engine appeared, and it became the largest in the D series. Despite the increased displacement, this engine is 8% lighter than the D16. The D17 cylinder block is reinforced, but the height is the same as the D16 – 212 mm. Inside the block is a crankshaft with a piston stroke of 94.4 mm, pistons of a new design, their compression height is 30 mm, and the length of the connecting rods is 137 mm. Thanks to all this, the working volume increased to 1.7 liters. Continue reading Engine Honda D17A