Engine Toyota 1G

Toyota G series engines are 6-cylinder in-line engines. They began in 1979 and lasted until 2006. A special feature of the G series is the fact that it lacks a variety of engine sizes. All engines have the same displacement of 2 liters (1988 cc). The drive of the gas distribution system of all engines of the series was carried out using a timing belt. Continue reading Engine Toyota 1G

Engine Toyota 1GR

Toyota GR series engines are V6 gasoline engines manufactured by Toyota. The GR series engines consist of a die-cast aluminum engine block with an aluminum cylinder head with two camshafts. Structurally, the angle between the pistons is 60 degrees. Injection engine with 4 valves per cylinder, forged connecting rods, one-piece cast camshaft and cast aluminum intake manifold. Continue reading Engine Toyota 1GR

Engine Toyota 1UZ

The basic version of the UZ series engine debuted in August 1989 on the Toyota Crown S130 series, and in October 1989 on the Lexus LS (Toyota Celsior) of the first series (UCF10). It soon appeared on a number of other Toyota and Lexus models. By itself, 1UZ is extremely reliable and is often called a millionaire among the people. This engine is capable of traveling 500 thousand km or more. Continue reading Engine Toyota 1UZ