Engine DAF WS 282

Diesel engine DAF WS 282 with a capacity of 384 horsepower, 282 kW. This V-shaped DAF engine has 6 cylinders with a volume of 11.6 liters with 12 valves. Fits on DAF 95 FA 95.380, DAF 95 FAT 95.380, DAF 95 FT 95.380, DAF 95 FAC 95.380. Continue reading Engine DAF WS 282

Engine DAF MX 375

The DAF MX 375 is a 12.9 liter, in-line, 6-cylinder, 24-valve turbocharged, intercooled engine. The MX 375 has a single-stage turbine with a controlled check valve. This engine has a high torque of up to 2500 Nm in relation to low revs up to 1410 rpm, which allows using the motor at its maximum performance capabilities. Continue reading Engine DAF MX 375

Engine DAF WS 225

Engine DAF WS225 (WS 225 Ati) – a diesel engine with a volume of 11,630 (cc), 6-cylinder, has 2 valves per cylinder, with a piston stroke of 146 mm and a cylinder diameter of 130 mm. Produced in 1987 for DAF Series 95.310. Continue reading Engine DAF WS 225

Engine DAF GR220

DAF GR220 engines provide high performance for vehicles – they are reliable and efficient. Enhancements have been introduced to increase torque over a wide range of speeds, resulting in increased productivity, operational flexibility, and less frequent gear changes. Continue reading Engine DAF GR220

Engine DAF FR 152

The FR 152 engine is a 4-cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine with a displacement of 4.5 liters. Power 152 kW (207 hp) at 2100 rpm. Maximum torque 760 Nm at 1400-1800 rpm. Clean combustion with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), post-treatment for Euro 5 emissions. Continue reading Engine DAF FR 152

Engine DAF MX 300

The common rail injection system of the new DAF MX 300 engine allows high injection pressures of up to 2,500 bar and pre-injection and post-injection or a combination of both. This leads to finer atomization of the fuel and many other opportunities to optimize combustion and ensure the lowest emissions, noise and fuel consumption. Continue reading Engine DAF MX 300

Engine DAF HS825

DAF HS825 – V-shaped diesel engine with a capacity of 240-362 horsepower (180-270 kW). It has 6 cylinders with 2 valves each, an engine capacity of 8.3 liters. The DAF HS 825 engine was produced from 1990 to 1993 for the DAF F2700 and special construction equipment. Continue reading Engine DAF HS825

Engine DAF BE99C

DAF BE motors are medium-power models used in various commercial vehicles transporting goods around the city or between cities. Models of the BE series are used for commercial vehicles of small tonnage. Continue reading Engine DAF BE99C

Engine DAF XF315M

DAF XF315M is a water-cooled 6-cylinder in-line engine. The motor power is 428 hp. (315 kW) with a volume of 12580 cubic meters. see (12.6 liters). The XF series fuel system uses an in-line injection pump (injection pump) with excellent performance. Continue reading Engine DAF XF315M

Engine DAF XE 315 C

The DAF XE315 engine is a 12.6 liter, inline 6-cylinder turbocharged, intercooled engine with a capacity of 428 hp. The engine is designed in accordance with the emission level requirements corresponding to the Euro-3 standard, with the installation of a particulate filter. The XE series fuel system uses direct injection (individual pump sections). Continue reading Engine DAF XE 315 C

Engine DAF MX 265

All DAF MX engines are the result of DAF’s efforts to develop heavy-duty diesel engines using the latest manufacturing technologies and design methods. The compact design and the latest materials allow for a reduction in weight while maintaining maximum service life, while high performance and significant torque ensure the DAF MX 265’s special driving conditions. Continue reading Engine DAF MX 265

Engine DAF WS 259

The DAF WS 259 engine is a 352 horsepower diesel engine. The WS 259 has 6 cylinders of 11.6 liters with 12 valves. The engine model has a high power-to-weight ratio. This motor is designed for delivery of goods at short and long distances due to its economy and high performance. Continue reading Engine DAF WS 259

Engine DAF XD3P

DAF XD3P engine – 70 horsepower diesel engine. The XD3P has 4 cylinders with 8 valves and a volume of 2.5 liters. Installed on DAF 400 Series, Peugeot J9 Karsan, SsangYong Korando, SsangYong Korando Family, Ford Granada and Scorpio.

Continue reading Engine DAF XD3P

Engine DAF WS 268

DAF WS 268 engines with WS designation are characterized by high power due to the installed turbocharging system. They are distinguished by a high specific power indicator. In addition, the motors have a low consumption of fuel, engine oil and other consumables. Continue reading Engine DAF WS 268

Engine DAF RS 222

The DAF RS 222 engine is a 302 horsepower diesel engine. The RS 222 has 6 cylinders with 12 valves and a volume of 8.5 liters. The RS 222 engine model was installed on the DAF 75 FA 75.300 and DAF 75 FT 75.300 trucks. Continue reading Engine DAF RS 222

Engine DAF B85

The DAF B85 engine, a 2-cylinder engine for the DAF 44, was developed to replace the less powerful engine in the DAF 33. The bore remained unchanged at 85.5 mm and the piston stroke was increased to 73.5 mm. This resulted in an increase in engine displacement from 746 cc to 844 cc and an increase in the declared power from 28 hp. up to 34 hp at 4500 rpm. Continue reading Engine DAF B85

Engine DAF RS 200

The DAF RS 200 engine is an in-line engine with a volume of 8.6 liters. 6-cylinder, has 2 valves per cylinder, with a piston stroke of 132 mm. Produced between 1992 and 1998. This engine, thanks to its reliability, power, quality and fuel economy, has proven itself from the best side.

Continue reading Engine DAF RS 200