Engine DAF WS 225

Engine DAF WS 225

Engine DAF WS225 (WS 225 Ati) – a diesel engine with a volume of 11,630 (cc), 6-cylinder, has 2 valves per cylinder, with a piston stroke of 146 mm and a cylinder diameter of 130 mm. Produced in 1987 for DAF Series 95.310.

DAF WS225 engine has been widely used on trucks. Thanks to reliability, power, quality and fuel economy, it has established itself from the very best side.


Engine’s type diesel
Power output, hp / kW 306/225 at 2000 rpm
Displacement, cc 11600
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 12
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1300
Compression 14.510:1
Cylinder bore, mm 130
Piston stroke, mm 146
Crankshaft bearings 7
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Fuel system inline injection pump
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Cylinder head OHV
Timing mechanism spur gear
Timing rocker arm
Cooling water

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