Scania engines

ScaniaSwedish manufacturer of trucks, buses, industrial and marine engines. Has been producing buses since 1920. The headquarters is located in Södertälje, Sweden. Production is located in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Russia.

Engine Scania DS14

When Scania introduced its new 350 hp V8 engine in 1969, it was immediately named Europe’s most powerful diesel truck engine. And this reputation has remained with him for many years. The concept of this engine assumes a powerful yet compact installation: a V8 engine with a camber of 90 degrees and a displacement of …

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Engine Scania DSC9

The 9-liter Scania DSC9 engine is designed for transporting goods both in urban conditions, providing smooth acceleration and braking performance, and on long-distance routes, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency.

Engine Scania DC9

The Scania DC9 engine with a 4-valve cylinder head in various modifications is currently being produced and is included in the 4-5 series trucks of the P, R, G models. The DC 9 also meets higher environmental standards than its predecessor, the DSC9, which in turn is Euro 2 compliant.

Engine Scania DC16

The Scania DC 16 engine as we know it today began production in 2010. The engine is equipped with a Scania XPI (Common Rail) battery-type fuel injection system, which allows it to meet the high environmental standards of Euro IV.

Engine Scania DC12

By 2007 Scania completely switched over to the production of unified Scania DC11 and 12 engines. At the same time, Scania DC 12 engines, in contrast to 11-liter engines, have an increased piston stroke and volume respectively. Also, the internal combustion engines differed in the size of the crankshaft crank and the length of the …

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Engine Scania DSC12

Scania DSC12 engines are heavy-duty engines designed for use in the toughest operating conditions. When you need to transport heavy, bulky goods, transportation on roads with frequent elevation changes, delivery within the city with frequent stops and accelerations, Scania DSC12 engines will cope with the task of any complexity.

Engine Scania DS11

The Scania DS11 engine is a powerful engine designed for long trucks with a payload of up to 25 tonnes. These engines are capable of withstanding the highest loads and do an excellent job both on the highway for intercity transportation, and when it is necessary to transport cargo through the city. They use diesel …

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Engine Scania DSC14

Scania DSC14 is a 14.2 liter V8 engine. Engines of this series first rolled off the assembly line in 1969 and have undergone many changes to this day. For the production of Scania DSC14 engines, high-strength materials are used, the units are equipped with a modern fuel injection system, which reduces fuel consumption and increases …

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Engine Scania DC11

The Scania DC11 series includes powerful engines to equip heavy duty machinery. They are perfect for trucks and tractor units that have to work in tough road and climatic conditions. The manufacturer produces 4 modifications of Scania DC11 engines: DC1101, DC1102, DC1103 and DC1104.

Engine Scania DSI14

Scania started producing V-type diesel engines back in 1969. Then these were DS 14 engines with a working volume of 14.18 liters, 260 and 350 liters. with. They were launched into production to develop a cabover line of heavy trucks.

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