Engine Scania DC11

Engine Scania DC11

The Scania DC11 series includes powerful engines to equip heavy duty machinery. They are perfect for trucks and tractor units that have to work in tough road and climatic conditions. The manufacturer produces 4 modifications of Scania DC11 engines: DC1101, DC1102, DC1103 and DC1104. Four-stroke DC11 power units have 6 cylinders arranged in a row and a volume of 10.6 liters.

The bore is 127 mm and the stroke is 140 mm (for DC1101 and DC1103). In a more powerful modification (DC1102 and DC1104) – the piston stroke increased to 154 mm, which increased the working volume and brought the internal combustion engine power to 380 “horses”.

Engine model Power output, hp / rpm Max torque output, Nm / rpm Euro standards
DC1101 340 (1800) 1600 (1000-1450) Euro 2
DC1102 380 (1800) 1750 (1080-1500) Euro 2
DC1103 340 (1900) 1600 (1100-1300) Euro 3
DC1104 380 (1900) 1800 (1100-1300) Euro 3

Scania DC11There are currently more than 20 brands of Scania commercial vehicle engines. Work on improving the engines led the developers to the introduction of a modular design. The new series of internal combustion engines were distinguished by a unified piston group with a diameter of 127 mm, separate 4-valve cylinder heads, and electronically controlled pump nozzles.

Modular technology is currently used in the production of all Scania diesel engines. Unification in production significantly reduces the cost of spare parts. Scania is the first European car manufacturer and to date the only one to make extensive use of this technology, most likely borrowed from the defense industry.


Power output 340-380 hp
Displacement 10640 cc
Number of cylinders 6
Valves per cylinder 4
Cylinder bore 127 mm
Piston stroke 140 mm
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Compression ratio 18:1
Cooling water
Main bearings 7

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