Engine Scania DSC14

Scania DSC14

Scania DSC14 is a 14.2 liter V8 engine. Engines of this series first rolled off the assembly line in 1969 and have undergone many changes to this day. For the production of Scania DSC14 engines, high-strength materials are used, the units are equipped with a modern fuel injection system, which reduces fuel consumption and increases environmental friendliness.

Modern versions of Scania DSC14 have excellent technical characteristics that allow the engine to be used in any, even the most difficult conditions. The motors are capable of handling heavy loads on bad roads. A distinctive feature of the DSC14 is the separate cylinder heads. Also worth noting is the replaceable liners in the cylinder block. All this helps to facilitate the process of repair work.


Also called DSC 14
Displacement, cc 14181
Power output 309-331 kW / 420-450 hp at 1900 rpm
Fuel type diesel
Configuration V
Number of cylinders 8
Valves 16
Cylinder bore 127 mm
Piston stroke 140 mm
Compression ratio (compression) 16:1
Timing drive type OHV
Main bearings 5

Engine Scania DSC14The rational use of fuel is due to the modern fuel injection system. This system not only supplies the required amount of fuel to the cylinders and does not consume too much, but also ensures environmental safety. DSC14 engines comply with Euro 2 environmental standards. Due to their excellent technical performance, economy and performance, these engines are considered to be among the best in their segment. An added bonus is the ease of maintenance.

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