Engine Mercedes OM906LA

High power traction motors are required for transporting heavy loads or when driving on rough roads. For these purposes, 6-cylinder in-line engines of the OM906LA series, produced in modifications from 210 to 300 hp, are the best suited. Thanks to the wide range and low minimum level of 1200 rpm, there is more efficient gear shifting and fuel economy. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM906LA

Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Modern engines must meet several requirements: to be economical, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. All these conditions are met by the Mercedes OM 460 engines. These engines are fully electronically controlled, which significantly increases their efficiency. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Engine Mercedes OM926LA

Diesel engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The engine is a four-stroke and has a displacement of 7201 cubic centimeters, which corresponds to 435 cubic inches. It is one of a series of 900 engines that began development after the crisis in the 1980s to replace the 300 series engines. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM926LA

Engine Mercedes OM651

Mercedes-Benz OM651 is a family of in-line four-cylinder internal combustion diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz, first introduced in October 2008. It was created as a replacement for the OM646 and OM642 series. Production took place at a plant in Stuttgart, Germany. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM651

Engine Mercedes OM470

The OM470 engine is a refrigerant cooled 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine. The engine is equipped with a common rail diesel injection system, cooled and regulated exhaust gas recirculation, and turbocharging with boost pressure control. Single-stage charging is carried out via an exhaust-gas turbocharger. The valve drive has 2 gear-driven overhead camshafts. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM470

Engine Mercedes OM352

Mercedes-Benz OM352 is an in-line 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine from Daimler-Benz AG. It was developed in 1963 at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Mannheim and presented in 1964 at the Genfer Auto-Salon. From 1966 the engine was also available as the OM 352 A with a turbocharger. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM352

Engine Mercedes OM642

The OM642 engines are a family of 6-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines with direct injection and a turbocharger from Mercedes-Benz, produced since March 2005. The working volume of the OM642 diesel engine is 3 liters, the camber angle of the block is 72 degrees (which is completely atypical for a V-shaped engine). Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM642

Engine Mercedes OM364

The OM364 engine of Mercedes-Benz brand is popular and is known as a simple design, unpretentious and reliable engine, without turbocharging, equipped with a mechanical injection pump. It has been equipped with CLAAS agricultural machines for over 20 years. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM364

Engine Mercedes OM442

Mercedes OM442 engines are V-type engines. They are distinguished by a wide range of modifications that cover almost the entire power range. These engines have 8 cylinders up to 130 mm in diameter with a pair of valves. They achieve high power ratings at low revs. With a rotational speed of 1800 rpm, they produce 408 hp (300 kW). Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM442

Engine Mercedes OM471

OM471 engines first appeared in 2011. Inline, 6-cylinder engines with a working volume of 12.8 liters replaced the V-shaped predecessors. They received an innovative X-Pulse injection system, an asymmetric turbocharging system and compliance with Euro 6 environmental standards. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM471

Engine Mercedes OM402

The OM402 engine has a capacity of 256 hp, has 8 cylinders and a volume of 12.8 liters. The whole series is united by the scope of application. These are truck tractors, buses, power plants and various types of heavy earthmoving equipment. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM402

Engine Mercedes OM443

The Mercedes-Benz OM443 diesel engine is a four-stroke and belongs to the 400 engine series, which complemented the 300 series and began development in 1969. The second generation of V10 diesels of the 400 series is represented by the OM 443 engine, which was developed taking into account the environmental standards of Euro II. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM443

Engine Mercedes OM401

The diesel engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz is 4-stroke and has a displacement of 9572 cc, which corresponds to approximately 575 cc. It belongs to the 400 engine series, which began development in 1969 and complements the 300 engine series. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM401

Engine Mercedes OM427

The powerful and reliable engines of the Mercedes OM427 family are used as a power plant in medium-duty vehicles. These motors are installed not only in Mercedes’ own trucks, but also in the equipment of some other manufacturers. First of all, these units are appreciated for their reliability and durability. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM427

Engine Mercedes OM362

The OM362 engine belongs to the family of diesel engines manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. Engines of this family were installed on some models of commercial vehicles produced after 1983. Mercedes OM362LA is a 5.7-liter in-line 6-cylinder internal combustion engine with turbocharging and intercooler. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM362