Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Modern engines must meet several requirements: to be economical, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. All these conditions are met by the Mercedes OM 460 engines. These engines are fully electronically controlled, which significantly increases their efficiency. The Mercedes OM460LA is a six-cylinder engine with separate injection pumps that deliver high-pressure fuel to ensure low diesel consumption. These motors are equipped with an energy efficient compressor that consumes less power than compressors of the same type. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Engine Mercedes OM314

OM314 – Diesel engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, four-stroke, volume – 3780 cubic centimeters, which corresponds to 345 cubic inches. It is one of the 300 series of engines that began production shortly after World War II. Specifically, OM 314 saw the light of day in 1964, simultaneously with the 6-cylinder analogue of OM 352 and replaced the predecessor OM 301, which produced 55 hp on 6 cylinders. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM314

Engine Mercedes OM352

Mercedes-Benz OM352 is an in-line 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine from Daimler-Benz AG. It was developed in 1963 at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Mannheim and presented in 1964 at the Genfer Auto-Salon. From 1966 the engine was also available as the OM 352 A with a turbocharger. Later, multi-fuel variants were created based on the 352 OM model with an intercooler. For NATO, for example, a gasoline engine (M 352) was created. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM352

Engine Mercedes OM642

The OM642 engines are a family of 6-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines with direct injection and a turbocharger from Mercedes-Benz, produced since March 2005. The working volume of the OM642 diesel engine is 3 liters, the camber angle of the block is 72 degrees (which is completely atypical for a V-shaped engine). A single turbine with variable guide vanes is installed in the camber of the cylinder block. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM642

Engine Mercedes OM364

The OM364 engine of Mercedes-Benz brand is popular and is known as a simple design, unpretentious and reliable engine, without turbocharging, equipped with a mechanical injection pump. It has been equipped with CLAAS agricultural machines for over 20 years. The motor can be used as a drive for various equipment and superstructures: generators, pneumatic compressors, small excavators, motor pumps, etc. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM364