Engine Mercedes OM617

The OM617 engine is a 5-cylinder indirect injection diesel in-line engine from Daimler-Benz. Its production started in 1974. It is a direct continuation of the 4-cylinder engine OM616 and differs from it only in the additional cylinder. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM617

Engine Mercedes OM616

The Mercedes OM616 inline 4-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine has enjoyed unprecedented popularity for three decades. Its cast iron block and heads, although very heavy, are quite strong and reliable. The engine was installed both on various cars, vans, models such as W114, W123, and on Force Motors off-road vehicles. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM616

Engine Mercedes-Benz M102

Mercedes M102 is a series of inline 4-cylinder gasoline engines from Mercedes-Benz for passenger cars W123, W124, W201 and SUV W460 / 461. The engine appeared in 1980 to replace the M115 series motors and was produced in different volumes and configurations until 1996. Continue reading Engine Mercedes-Benz M102