Engine Mercedes OM616

Engine Mercedes OM616

The Mercedes OM616 inline 4-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine has enjoyed unprecedented popularity for three decades. Its cast iron block and heads, although very heavy, are quite strong and reliable. The engine was installed both on various cars, vans, models such as W114, W123, and on Force Motors off-road vehicles.

Its volume was reduced to 2.4 liters to meet the tax displacement laws of engines in Europe, but the power output was increased to 54 kW (72 hp). According to the design scheme, these are pre-chamber diesel engines with an overhead camshaft (OHC) and valve drive by levers. The new camshaft pushes the valves deeper, so the air and outlet gases have less resistance. The valve clearances are adjustable, the adjustment is carried out by nuts in the upper part of the valve stems – an unusual, but very reliable and convenient scheme.


Manufacturer Mercedes
Also called OM 616
Power output 41 kW / 56 hp
Displacement 2399 cc
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves 8
Compression ratio 21:1
Cylinder bore 90.9 mm
Piston stroke 92.4 mm
Main bearings 5
Displacement 28.56 cc
Power Index 23 hp for 1 liter (1000 cc)

Engine Mercedes OM616 under the hoodIt should be noted that the chain drive is used on all Mercedes engines without exception, because only the chain drive, despite some of its disadvantages, such as increased noise and unevenness, ensures maximum engine reliability. The production of OM616 ceased more than 20 years ago, but Russian motorists appreciated the 616th diesel engine and got used to installing it on agricultural machinery and off-road vehicles. The popularity of the motor was increased by the ability to repair it without the use of special equipment.

Frequent problems

  • these diesels are reliable and durable, but very noisy and prone to strong vibrations;
  • Leaks from the crankshaft rear oil seal are the most problematic for owners;
  • on a run of about 200-250 thousand km, the timing chain usually already stretches;
  • at a fuel pump with vacuum control, the rack drive membrane sometimes breaks;
  • at high mileage, due to wear of the seals, the pumping pump of the high pressure fuel pump is rented out.

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  1. Quiero conocer las especificaciones del motor Mercedes 616 016 14 01 y el diámetro del pistón que no se brinda en ningun OM 616

    Google Translate: I want to know the specifications of the Mercedes 616 016 14 01 engine and the diameter of the piston that is not provided in any OM 616

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