Engine Mercedes OM611

Engine Mercedes OM611

The Mercedes OM611 engine was produced from 1997 to 2003 with a displacement of 2151 cc, and from 1999 to 2006 – 2148 cc. It was installed on both passenger cars and commercial Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Mercedes-Benz Vito. It is a 4-cylinder common rail diesel engine with an intercooler and 2 overhead camshafts that drive all 16 valves.

These are the technical capabilities of this engine:

  • 4-cylinder layout;
  • injection system Common Rail;
  • availability of intercooler;
  • 2 overhead camshafts;
  • 16 valves;
  • the presence of a turbocharger;
  • using an oxidation catalyst.


Displacement, cc 2151 | 2148
Max power output, hp 102 – 125 | 122 – 143 (turbo)
Max torque output, Nm 200-300 | 200-315
Fuel type diesel
Fuel consumption, L/100 km 6.2-8.1 and 6.9-8.3 (turbo)
Configuration inline, 4-cylinder
Number of cylinders 4
Valves 16
Cylinder bore, mm 88
Piston stroke, mm 88.4
Supercharger Turbine
Compression ratio 22 and 18-19 (turbo)
CO2 emission, g / km 161-177

The Mercedes company is the pioneer of Common Rail in the creation of passenger diesel engines. The first CDI engine equipped with an advanced fuel injector debuted back in 1998. This was OM611 – a 4-cylinder 2.2-liter unit with a 16-valve cylinder head.

The engine received a Common Rail fuel system from Bosch, where fuel is supplied through a common manifold, and the pressure is maintained by a high-pressure pump. Further, the fuel is supplied by nozzles into the combustion chambers at a pressure of up to 1.350 bar. All OM611 engines are turbocharged with an air pressure regulator to extend the life of the turbine, which is known to be driven by exhaust gases. And with an increase in revolutions, more and more exhaust goes to the promotion of the turbine, which should be limited for its safety. The second generation CDI engines were fitted with a variable-position turbocharger.

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