Engine MMZ D-260

Minsk Motor Plant manufactures various internal combustion engines for buses, as well as industrial and agricultural machinery. The 6-cylinder diesel D-260 from MMZ was released in 1992 and was equipped with an in-line cast iron cylinder block with wet cast iron liners and oil nozzles for piston cooling. In this block, engineers placed a steel crankshaft with a piston stroke of 125 mm (main journal diameter 85.25 mm, connecting rod journals 73 mm), steel connecting rods and aluminum pistons with a diameter of 110 mm. All this makes it possible to obtain a working volume of 7.12 liters. Continue reading Engine MMZ D-260

Engine MMZ D-245

All modifications of the D-245 diesel engine of the Minsk Motor Plant are 4-stroke 4-cylinder engines. The arrangement of the cylinders in them is in-line, vertical, diesel fuel injection is direct, with compression ignition. Scope – places with unlimited air exchange. D-245 is allowed to operate at ambient temperatures from -45C to + 45C, while at temperatures below -25C, the body of the coarse air filter must be equipped with a heater for the supplied fuel. Continue reading Engine MMZ D-245