Engine MMZ D-243

The D-243 engine is a four-stroke diesel engine with vertical, in-line cylinders and fuel injection directly into the cylinders. The base model is not turbocharged. The area of ​​application of diesel engines is places with unlimited air exchange. Diesels are designed for operation at ambient temperatures from plus 40 C to minus 45 C.

Their main purpose is installation on agricultural tractors of 1.4-2.0 t / s class. As well as other machines for industrial, agricultural, logging purposes. It is widely used on excavators, loaders, compressor stations and power generators.


Main (rated) power 60 kW
Standby engine power (max) 66 kW
Engine’s type diesel, 4-stroke
Displacement 4,75 liters
Configuration 4, inline
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Cylinder bore / piston stroke 110 х 125 mm
Compression ratio 16:1
Rated speed 2200 rpm
Fuel system direct injection, injection pump with mechanical regulator
Type of air injection naturally aspirated (atmospheric)
Cooling liquid
Power take-off per fan 3,7 kW
Rated voltage of electrical system 24 В

Specific fuel consumption

at 100% nom. power 220 g / kWh
at 75% nom. power 222 g / kWh
at 50% nom. power 240 g / kWh

Oil consumption for waste, at 100% power

– relative to fuel consumption 0%
– specific oil consumption 0.9 g / kWh


Lubrication system 12 l
Cooling system 15 l
Typical Oil Change Period 250 hours
Dimensions (L x W x H) 994 x 676 x 1223 mm
Weight (without oil and coolant) 430 kg
Resource before overhaul 8000 hours

D-243 modifications and their differences

  1. D-243 – a conventional 81 hp version
  2. D-243L – the same D-243, but with a different exhaust manifold.
  3. D-243.1 – 83 hp motor
  4. D-243.2 – version for mine vehicles with a capacity of 60 hp

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