Engine YaMZ-850

The YaMZ-850 engines manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant are among the most powerful in the product line of heavy YaMZ diesel engines. Motors of this family belong to turbocharged models and comply with two environmental standards Euro-0 and Euro-1. These power units are designed for tractors and stationary power units. Continue reading Engine YaMZ-850

Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Modern engines must meet several requirements: to be economical, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. All these conditions are met by the Mercedes OM 460 engines. These engines are fully electronically controlled, which significantly increases their efficiency. The Mercedes OM460LA is a six-cylinder engine with separate injection pumps that deliver high-pressure fuel to ensure low diesel consumption. These motors are equipped with an energy efficient compressor that consumes less power than compressors of the same type. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Engine MAN D2876

The MAN D 2876 series engines offer outstanding performance. High tractive power even at low speeds, high efficiency due to low fuel consumption. Powerful acceleration and quick response to commands, low operating costs and long service life, high efficiency combined with low weight, compact design, worldwide service network with fast delivery of spare parts. Continue reading Engine MAN D2876