Engine Volvo D16C550

D16C is the designation for the new 16-liter engine that was released in the fall of 2003. The engine was available in two power ratings, 550 hp or 610 hp, and was a 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine including a turbocharger, intercooler and electronically controlled fuel injection. The Volvo D16C550 engine is completely redesigned with a one-piece cylinder head, overhead camshaft, pump injectors and VEB retarder. The engine met the emission requirements for Euro 3 (EC01). Continue reading Engine Volvo D16C550

Engine Volvo D16C610

All that the Volvo D16C610 engine has kept from its predecessor is the size of the cylinders and the main bearing bolts. At the time of release, the new engine was developed taking into account the latest technical advances. The inline 6-cylinder engine received 4 valves per cylinder, unit injectors and electronic control. The Volvo D16 C610 is now equipped with a powerful VEB engine decompression brake linked to the gas distribution system. Continue reading Engine Volvo D16C610

Engine Volvo D12A420

The Volvo D12A420 engine is a 12-liter in-line 6-cylinder turbo diesel common-rail engine. Fits on FH12 and FM12. Diesel engines D12A420 are a further continuation of the successful and well-proven 4-valve technology in terms of specific pressure and injection power parameters. This model uses an electronic control system for the engine operation, which allows you to optimize the actions of the fuel system. Continue reading Engine Volvo D12A420