Engine Volvo D16B520

Engine Volvo D16B520

The D16B520 engine from Volvo is a 6-cylinder in-line diesel with an outstanding 520 horsepower. There are four valves on each of the six cylinders of the engine. The turbocharging system increases the power of these units.

These engines are characterized by smooth operation and low fuel consumption. In addition, they meet the requirements of most environmental standards. The D16B520 engine uses advanced technologies that help the units use less engine oil, less fuel and reduce maintenance time and money. In addition, they are the best choice in terms of environmental safety.


Engine’s type diesel
Production years 08/1998
Power output 382 kW / 520 hp
Displacement 16120 cc
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 24
Compression ratio (compression) 17.5:1
Cylinder bore 144 mm
Piston stroke 165 mm
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Crankshaft bearings 7
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Cylinder head SOHC/OHC
Timing mechanism spur gear
Timing rocker arm
Cooling water

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