KAMAZ engines

KamAZThe Kama Automobile Plant specializes in the production of trucks that have become legendary, but in a small range it also produces diesel and gas engines. KamAZ motors are installed on KamAZ vehicles, LIAZ buses, NEFAZ buses, KamAZ tractors, as well as on stationary diesel installations.

KamAZ-740 engines are mainly installed on KamAZ production equipment. This is a V8 engine with a working volume of 11.7 liters, which during its production has evolved from Euro-0 to Euro-5.

On its basis, a KamAZ-820 gas power plant was created.

In addition to its own engines, KamAZ uses in-line 6-cylinder 6.7-liter Cummins ISBe6.7 diesel engines in production. Also used Cummins B5.9 (volume 5.9 liters with 6 cylinders), 8.9-liter 6-cylinder Cummins ISL400 and 11.8-liter Cummins ISG12, which also has 6 cylinders in a row.

German engines with in-line 6-cylinder configuration Mercedes-Benz OM457LA, which has a working volume of 12 liters, are also installed on Kamaz.

Buses also use Chinese in-line 7.5-liter 6-cylinder Weichai WP7NG and 4-cylinder Weichai WP4.1NG with a volume of 4.1 liters.

Engine KamAZ 820

KAMAZ 820 is a family of 4-stroke V-shaped 8-cylinder liquid-cooled gas engines, turbocharged with charge air cooling, with spark contactless ignition, with an electronic control system for distributed gas injection using electromagnetic dispensers manufactured by KAMAZ PJSC.

Engine KamAZ-740

KamAZ trucks began to be built in 1969. For the new generation of trucks, engineers have created a 4-stroke diesel 8-cylinder KamAZ-740 V8 engine. This power unit had a displacement of 10852 cm3, and its power was 210 horsepower. Then the power ratings had to be expanded from 180 to 360 hp.

Engine Mercedes OM457LA

The 12-liter OM 457 engine series includes 3 powerful and economical engines – 315 kW (428 HP), 295 kW (401 HP) and 260 kW (354 HP) The OM457LA engine complies with the EURO emission class -five. It has an excellent balance of high power, fuel efficiency and motor life, reaching 1 million km.

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