Engine Hyundai D6CB

Hyundai D6CB engines are widely known for their reliability, optimal quality / price ratio. The motors are distinguished by environmental friendliness of exhaust, economical consumption of fuel and lubricants. The fuel is almost completely burned in their working chamber, instant start is possible thanks to the electronic starter. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6CB

Engine Hyundai D6AC

D6AC engines are designed for the worldwide popular Hyundai and Mitsubishi trucks and buses. The transport of these companies has long taken one of the leading places in demand, as it meets the main requirements for this kind of equipment: Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6AC

Engine KamAZ 820

KamAZ 820 is a family of 4-stroke V-shaped 8-cylinder liquid-cooled gas engines, turbocharged with ONV, with non-contact spark ignition, with an electronic distributed gas injection control system using electromagnetic dispensers manufactured by PJSC KamAZ. Continue reading Engine KamAZ 820

Engine MAN D2840

The MAN D2840 engine is a V-shaped 10-cylinder diesel engine. This motor is characterized by reliability, equipped with an economical fuel system, the highest noise protection, operational safety and environmental friendliness. Continue reading Engine MAN D2840

Engine Volvo D16G540

The Volvo D16G540 engine is a 16.1 liter, 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler. Engine power 540 hp. The engine complies with the EU requirements for the level of toxicity of exhaust gases of the Euro 5 standard. Continue reading Engine Volvo D16G540

Engine YaMZ-850

The YaMZ-850 engines manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant are among the most powerful in the product line of heavy YaMZ diesel engines. Motors of this family belong to turbocharged models and comply with two environmental standards Euro-0 and Euro-1. These power units are designed for tractors and stationary power units. Continue reading Engine YaMZ-850

Engine YaMZ-651

The YaMZ-651 engine is a 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine with an in-line arrangement of cylinders, a liquid cooling system, turbocharging and charge air cooling in an air-to-air heat exchanger installed on a vehicle (without an EGR system). Continue reading Engine YaMZ-651

Engine Hyundai D6CA

The Hyundai D6CA engine is an in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 12,920 cc 3 with a capacity of up to 440 hp, with a turbocharger. Installed on HD320 / 370, HD700, HD1000 cars and Aero Town buses. Hyundai engines are manufactured at several factories in South Korea, China, India, Turkey, Slovakia and the USA. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6CA

Engine Mercedes OM906LA

High power traction motors are required for transporting heavy loads or when driving on rough roads. For these purposes, 6-cylinder in-line engines of the OM906LA series, produced in modifications from 210 to 300 hp, are the best suited. Thanks to the wide range and low minimum level of 1200 rpm, there is more efficient gear shifting and fuel economy. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM906LA

Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Modern engines must meet several requirements: to be economical, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. All these conditions are met by the Mercedes OM 460 engines. These engines are fully electronically controlled, which significantly increases their efficiency. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM460LA

Engine Mercedes OM926LA

Diesel engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The engine is a four-stroke and has a displacement of 7201 cubic centimeters, which corresponds to 435 cubic inches. It is one of a series of 900 engines that began development after the crisis in the 1980s to replace the 300 series engines. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM926LA

Engine MAN D2876

The MAN D 2876 series engines offer outstanding performance. High tractive power even at low speeds, high efficiency due to low fuel consumption. Powerful acceleration and quick response to commands, low operating costs and long service life, high efficiency combined with low weight, compact design, worldwide service network with fast delivery of spare parts. Continue reading Engine MAN D2876

Engine Hyundai D6BR

The Hyundai D6BR is a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine manufactured by the Hyundai Motor Company. Turbocharging is available in almost all D6BR engine variants, with the exception of some models used on short trucks and small buses. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6BR

Engine DAF WS 282

Diesel engine DAF WS 282 with a capacity of 384 horsepower, 282 kW. This V-shaped DAF engine has 6 cylinders with a volume of 11.6 liters with 12 valves. Fits on DAF 95 FA 95.380, DAF 95 FAT 95.380, DAF 95 FT 95.380, DAF 95 FAC 95.380. Continue reading Engine DAF WS 282

Engine YaMZ-236

The YaMZ-236 engine is the first of the V-shaped power units of YaMZ, before it the Yaroslavl Motor Plant produced only in-line engines: 4-cylinder YaAZ-204 and 6-cylinder YaAZ-206. Since the layout of the new engine was found to be more successful, the production of in-line models of the old model was discontinued in the eighties of the last century. All the remaining V-shaped diesel engines YaMZ, this is only the development of the design developments laid down in the design of the YaMZ-236 engine. Continue reading Engine YaMZ-236

Engine DAF MX 375

The DAF MX 375 is a 12.9 liter, in-line, 6-cylinder, 24-valve turbocharged, intercooled engine. The MX 375 has a single-stage turbine with a controlled check valve. This engine has a high torque of up to 2500 Nm in relation to low revs up to 1410 rpm, which allows using the motor at its maximum performance capabilities. Continue reading Engine DAF MX 375

Engine Volvo D7E280

The Volvo D7E280 is a 7.2 liter, turbocharged, intercooled, in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine. The engine has a torque of 1,050 Nm and a power output of 280 hp. It meets the requirements of Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards. Continue reading Engine Volvo D7E280

Engine Hyundai D6CC

The Hyundai D6CC engine is an in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 12,300 cm3 and a power of 410 hp, there are modifications of the ecological class up to Euro-4. Fits on HD500 truck tractors and new Xcient (QZ) trucks. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6CC