Engine MAN D0836

Engine MAN D0836

The MAN D0836 engine family is used in buses and trucks. Engines of this type have been successfully used and have a positive response due to their high power density and weight characteristics.

A distinctive feature of this series of motors is a high power density at a relatively low weight. The working area of ​​the MAN D0836 engines is 6.9 liters, and their maximum power is 326 hp. Thus, the specific power reaches 47 hp/l – this is a very good indicator.

Another feature of the MAN D 0836 engines is their extremely low noise emission. This allows you to save significant funds due to the absence of the need for noise insulation measures and the unnecessary purchase of noise insulation materials.


Manufacturer Man
Also called D0836
Configuration 6-cylinder inline 4-stroke diesel, direct injection
Number of cylinders 6
Piston stroke, mm 125
Cylinder bore, mm 108
Displacement, cc 6871
Power output, hp 290-326
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1250
Euro standards Euro 4
Weight, kg 642

The MAN engines of the D0836 series are 4-stroke, vertical, direct injection turbocharged and intercooled diesel engines. These models use a positive displacement high-pressure pump that supplies fuel to the injectors that inject fuel into the engine’s cylinders (Common-Rail system) and a common high-pressure fuel line. To achieve the EURO-4 environmental standard, the engine is equipped with a two-stage turbocharger and an external controlled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

  1. intake manifold temperature sensor;
  2. coolant temperature sensor;
  3. nameplate, engine markings;
  4. proportional EGR valve;
  5. crankshaft speed sensor;
  6. engine control unit EDC7 / 32;
  7. starter control relay;
  8. starter;
  9. air recirculation harness connector;
  10. additional oil pressure sensor;
  11. oil filter;
  12. oil temperature sensor;
  13. oil pressure sensor;
  14. low pressure fuel priming pump;
  15. high pressure fuel pump;
  16. air heater ON solenoid valve

  1. air cooler (with liquid cooling system);
  2. high pressure turbocharger;
  3. generator;
  4. generator;
  5. oil indicator (dipstick);
  6. fan drive hydraulic pump;
  7. compressor;
  8. oil pan;
  9. power steering pump;
  10. low pressure turbocharger

  1. alternator drive pulley;
  2. guide rollers;
  3. thermostat cover;
  4. intake manifold air heater plug;
  5. charge air pressure and temperature sensor;
  6. fuel pressure sensor in the supply system;
  7. coarse fuel filter;
  8. fine fuel filter;
  9. oil filler neck;
  10. fuel heating element in the filter;
  11. water pump;
  12. water pump pulley;
  13. crankshaft pulley;
  14. fan hydraulic pump drive belt;
  15. tension roller;
  16. fan hydraulic pump pulley;
  17. power take-off on the camshaft;
  18. camshaft speed and position sensor;
  19. oil indicator (dipstick);
  20. tension roller;
  21. alternator drive pulley;
  22. guide rollers;
  23. drive belt for water pump and generators

Explanation of marking D0836

D Fuel type – diesel
08 +100 = Cylinder diameter, mm = 108 mm
3 3×10 + 100 corresponds approximately to a piston stroke in mm = 125 mm
6 Number of working cylinders

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