Engine MAN D2876

MAN D2876

The MAN D 2876 series engines offer outstanding performance. High tractive power even at low speeds, high efficiency due to low fuel consumption. Powerful acceleration and quick response to commands, low operating costs and long service life, high efficiency combined with low weight, compact design, worldwide service network with fast delivery of spare parts.

Six-cylinder 24-valve turbodiesels with a volume of 12.8 liters have a power of 460 hp and develop a torque of 2100 Nm at 900 rpm. The engines continue to use the traditional electronically controlled in-line high-pressure fuel pump (STP). To bring the engine to the Euro 3 environmental standard, the engineers of the company, instead of using unit injectors or other fuel systems, simply equipped the engine with an exhaust recirculation system. From the exhaust manifold, part of the gases is discharged into the heat exchanger, cooled in it to 200 C and then fed back to the intake manifold, mixing with fresh air entering the engine. This solution allows to reduce the content of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases by 30%.


Factory markings D 2876 LF 12
Power output 353 kW / 480 hp
Displacement 12816 cc
Number of cylinders 6 pieces
Valves 24 pieces
Manufacturer MAN
Torque output 2300 Nm / 1000 rpm
Cylinder bore 128 mm
Piston stroke 166 mm
Main bearings 7 pieces
Power Index 37 hp per liter (1000 cc) displacement

Engine MAN D2876At idle speed (about 600 rpm), the diesel engine, due to its design features, cools down quickly. So, without turning on “AWtonomka” it becomes very cool in the cabin. Although there is another option, if you do not want to turn on the autonomous heater – raise idle speed using electronic cruise control so that the engine starts to warm up.

D2876 engines comply with Euro-3 / Euro-4 standards. All engines are equipped with an EVB engine brake or the newer EVBec. A MAN Pritarder retarder can also be used in combination with the EVBec system.

MAN D2876 engine models

MAN D2876 LFG01 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF01 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF02 Power 320-338kW (435-460HP)
MAN D2876 LF03 Power 320-338kW (435-460HP)
MAN D2876 LF04 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF05 Power 375kW (510HP)
MAN D2876 LF06 Power 321-338kW (436-460HP)
MAN D2876 LF07 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF08 Power 301kW (409HP)
MAN D2876 LF09 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF10 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF11 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF12 Power 353kW (480HP)
MAN D2876 LF13 Power 390kW (530HP)
MAN D2876 LF14 Power 338kW (460HP)
MAN D2876 LF17 Power 390kW (530HP)
MAN D2876 LF20 Power 390kW (530HP)
MAN D2876 LF25 Power 301kW (410HP)
MAN D2876 LF31 Power 301kW (410HP)
MAN D2876 LF32 Power 301kW (410HP)

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