Engine MAN D2156

Engine MAN D2156

MAN D2156 – engine of joint Hungarian-German production on diesel fuel with direct injection of a combustible mixture and water cooling.

This engine is widely used on Ikarus 250 buses. RABA-MAN D 2156 are water-cooled and have a combined forced lubrication system. Fuel system operation is provided by a Bosch fuel pump, STA injection regulator and injectors. The air is cleaned by an oil bath air cleaner and a cyclone pre-filter.


Manufacturer MAN
Also called D2156
Production years 1971
Configuration Horizontal diesel 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine
Number of cylinders 6
Firing order 1 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 2 – 4
Compression ratio 17
Piston stroke, mm 150
Cylinder bore, mm 121
Displacement, cc 10344
Power output, hp 192 / 2100
Torque output, Nm / rpm 695,5 / 1300
Weight, kg 965

The RABA-MAN D 2156 engine provides acceptable dynamics (100 km / h), but weak acceleration due to low power. This motor has good maintainability, is quite reliable and simple. Its disadvantages, in addition to insufficient power, include a small resource, which is also a consequence of the low power of the motor and, as a result, constant operation at high speeds. Over the years, transport on such engines becomes more and more noisy due to a burnout of the muffler or improper operation of the engine, and also very smoky.

Main engine elements

  1. Starter;
  2. Crankcase ventilation pipe;
  3. Generator;
  4. Alternator V-belt tensioner;
  5. Power steering pump V-belt tensioner;
  6. Equalizing air cylinder;
  7. Oil cooler;
  8. Air compressor;
  9. Location of engine number and type designation.

  1. Water pump;
  2. Tachometer sensor;
  3. Power steering pump;
  4. Fuel pump;
  5. Oil filter;
  6. Cylinder head cover;
  7. Place of connection of the starting device;
  8. Oil filler neck;
  9. Flywheel housing;
  10. Cooling water manifold;
  11. Oil dipstick;
  12. Timing gear cover.

MAN D2156 engine reference data

Compression ratio 17
Cylinder Sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4
injection pump inline
Pump piston
Speed ​​controller dual mode
Air Filter dry, with removable paper element and clogging indicator

Explanation of marking MAN D 2156

D The fuel that the engine runs on is diesel
21 Cylinder diameter, mm – 121mm
5 Piston stroke, mm – 150mm
6 Number of working cylinders

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