Engine MAN D2840

The MAN D2840 engine is a V-shaped 10-cylinder diesel engine. This motor is characterized by reliability, equipped with an economical fuel system, the highest noise protection, operational safety and environmental friendliness. Continue reading Engine MAN D2840

Engine MAN D2876

The MAN D 2876 series engines offer outstanding performance. High tractive power even at low speeds, high efficiency due to low fuel consumption. Powerful acceleration and quick response to commands, low operating costs and long service life, high efficiency combined with low weight, compact design, worldwide service network with fast delivery of spare parts. Continue reading Engine MAN D2876

Engine MAN D0836

The MAN D0836 engine family is used in buses and trucks. Engines of this type have been successfully used and have a positive response due to their high power density and weight characteristics. Continue reading Engine MAN D0836

Engine MAN D0834

The D0834 engine has 180 horsepower, which equates to 132 kW and 700 Nm of torque. The working volume of this power unit is 4.6 liters (4580 cm3). The maximum torque is 830 Nm at a speed of 1400 rpm. Continue reading Engine MAN D0834

Engine MAN D0826

The MAN engines of the D0826 family are characterized by their simple yet robust design. These are 6-cylinder in-line engines capable of withstanding the highest loads over long periods of time. MAN D 0826 engines are also used in water transport and are very popular, with many modifications, including those made by other manufacturers. Continue reading Engine MAN D0826

Engine MAN D2862

In keeping with the motto “reliable and efficient”, MAN developed the 12-cylinder V-engine, which was presented at the SMM 2014 in Hamburg, Germany. The German engine manufacturer has thus expanded the power range of its high-speed heavy-duty motors to 1,397 kW (1,900 hp). Continue reading Engine MAN D2862

Engine MAN D2868

The MAN D2868 diesel has been produced since 2007, and it is largely thanks to it that MAN TGX won the international Truck of the Year competition in 2008. In Europe then there was no more powerful serial diesel engine – 680 hp. and 3000 Nm. Continue reading Engine MAN D2868

Engine MAN D2848

Diesel engines MAN of the D2848 series are 8-cylinder 4-stroke internal combustion engines with a V-shaped cylinder arrangement at an angle of 90 degrees, direct fuel injection and turbocharging. Also, the engine has a forced lubrication of the bearings. This motor is cooled by water. Continue reading Engine MAN D2848

Engine MAN D2676

The D2676LF in-line 6-cylinder engines with a displacement of 12.4 liters, depending on the version, can comply with the environmental standards Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5. These engines operate with a common rail high pressure fuel injection system in combination with the EDC 7 electronic injection control system. Continue reading Engine MAN D2676

Engine MAN D0824

The MAN D0824 engine is a water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine that has been in production since 1993. This engine complies with the Euro 2. MAN D 0824 is equipped with a damper (stabilizer) with balancing weights, which is responsible for eliminating dynamic imbalance, expressed in vibration. Continue reading Engine MAN D0824

Engine MAN D2842

MAN D2842 marine engines are capable of operating indefinitely under severe operating conditions at full load. ICE MAN D2842 are durable, reliable and economical in operation. Thanks to its compact form, space on board is saved and the loading of the vessel is optimized, without loss of power. Continue reading Engine MAN D2842

Engine MAN D2066

The MAN D2066 engines are an upgraded version of the previously produced D28 engines. Initially, these units were created on the basis of a cylinder-piston group of reduced dimensions. However, due to the use of modern technologies and materials, as well as due to the introduction of certain design changes that have improved the product, the developers managed to create an engine with high power. Continue reading Engine MAN D2066

Engine MAN D2866

The MAN D2866 diesel engine series is available in two versions: D2866 2V and D2866 4V. The 4-stroke engines of this series have 6 cylinders. The engines use a direct injection system, which has many advantages. MAN D2866 engines are equipped with an exhaust turbocharger with an intermediate cooling system. Regular water is used as a coolant in the engines of this model. Continue reading Engine MAN D2866