Engine MAN D0826

Engine MAN D0826

The MAN engines of the D0826 family are characterized by their simple yet robust design. These are 6-cylinder in-line engines capable of withstanding the highest loads over long periods of time. MAN D 0826 engines are also used in water transport and are very popular, with many modifications, including those made by other manufacturers.

Thanks to the turbocharger on the D0826, higher torque is achieved at consistently low rpms. Also, these engines are easy to install and maintain. With proper service, MAN D0826 will last long enough. Moreover, repair and service work does not require large labor costs, since all control points are located in easily accessible places.


Manufacturer MAN
Also called D0826
Configuration inline supercharged
Number of cylinders 6
Piston stroke, mm 125
Cylinder bore, mm 108
Displacement, cc 6871
Power output, hp 150-260
Torque output, Nm / rpm 981
Euro standards Euro 2
Weight 523

The design feature of MAN D0826 engines is the presence of a turbocharger, which increases the efficiency of the devices. The cooling system uses ordinary water. This has a number of negative aspects – the need for constant drainage in frosty weather. Risk of corrosion on the inner walls of the cooling system piping and so on. However, the low cost of water as a resource for cooling, as well as the ease of maintenance of the cooling system, minimize all the disadvantages of this type of coolant.

Integrated intercooler (charge air intercooler) designed so that each cylinder receives air flow independently of the others. This, for example, reduces the effect of vibration.

Explanation of marking D0826

D The fuel that the engine runs on is diesel
08 Cylinder diameter, mm – 108
2 Piston stroke, mm – 125mm
6 Number of working cylinders

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