Engine MAN D2566

Engine MAN D2566

The MAN D2566 engine is a 6-cylinder diesel engine from MAN. All members of this family have excellent technical characteristics and are high-performance.

The series contains several variants of this engine, differing in power.

  • D2566 MT – power reaches 206 kW, the model is not equipped with a turbocharger.
  • D2566 MTE – this variant develops 147-241 kW.
  • D2566 MTF – has a power of 206 kW, as well as versions MTSF, MTH, MTFG.
  • D2566 MTHO – power reaches 235 kW.


Engine’s type diesel
Power output, hp / kW 320 / 235 at 2200 rpm
Displacement, cc 11413
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 12
Compression ratio (compression) 18:1
Cylinder bore, mm 125
Piston stroke, mm 155
Crankshaft bearings 6
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Fuel system inline injection pump
Turbine intake
Cylinder head OHV
Timing mechanism spur gear
Timing rocker arm
Cooling water

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