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MAN D2842 marine engines are capable of operating indefinitely under severe operating conditions at full load. ICE MAN D2842 are durable, reliable and economical in operation. Thanks to its compact form, space on board is saved and the loading of the vessel is optimized, without loss of power.

D2842 motors have a high service life and power, torque, compactness and weight. Engine advantages:

  • high operational efficiency due to low fuel and lubricating oil consumption and low-cost maintenance;
  • high power ratings with environmentally friendly performance;
  • quick adaptation to load changes;
  • safe peak load regulation;
  • robust, compact design.


Engine’s type 4-stroke, diesel
Power output, hp / kW 1019 / 809 at 2100 rpm
Displacement, cc 21930
Number of cylinders 12
Weight, kg 1860 (dry)
Dimensions, mm
— length
— width
— height
Torque output, Nm / rpm 3679 at 2100 rpm
Compression ratio (compression) 15,5:1
Cylinder bore, mm 128
Piston stroke, mm 142
Configuration V
Fuel type diesel
Cooling water (rotary pump and radiator)

Engine MAN D2842The crankcase for the MAN D2842 engine is made of modified cast iron, just like the engine block. These two pieces together form one. Due to the shape of the part (extended downward), additional structural rigidity is achieved.

The crankshaft in the D 2842 is designed with 7 bearings and a twin counterweight. The crankshaft seal has replaceable rotating O-rings. The connecting rods are hot-formed. The bearings in which the connecting rods and the crankshaft rotate are made of lead bronze.

The camshaft, which is located in the center of the cylinder block, has 7 bearings. Its drive, oil pump and high-pressure fuel pump is carried out through gear wheels meshed with the crankshaft wheel. The transmission elements drive the rocker arms, which open the suspension valves located above the cylinder.

The lubrication system in the D2842 from MAN is circulating. The uniqueness of this system lies in the multiple circulation of oil from the oil pan to the main distribution pipeline, after which it goes to:

  • bearings (connecting rod and camshaft);
  • bushings;
  • rocker arms.

The camshaft and cylinders are lubricated with oil from the circulation system. An oil filter that filters the used oil is installed in the line of the circulation system.

The fuel priming pump delivers fuel to the high pressure pump through a coarse filter. Then the fuel is pumped in, and through a fine filter goes to the high-pressure fuel pump and then to the injectors.

D The fuel that the engine runs on is diesel
28 Cylinder diameter, mm: 128
4 Piston stroke, mm: 142
2 Number of cylinders: 12

The declared resource from the manufacturer is 50,000 hours (subject to maintenance and operating rules). After that, it is necessary to overhaul the engine.

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