Engine Volvo D7C290

Engine Volvo D7C290

Volvo D7C290 engines are equipped with an efficient fuel system with unit injectors per cylinder for low fuel consumption. In this case, the fuel is supplied under high pressure, which increases the efficiency of its combustion. In addition, optimal combustion results in a reduction in exhaust gases to the level of compliance with modern environmental standards.

Service and maintenance of Volvo D7C290 engines is facilitated by the fact that the main control points are located on one side of the engine. This saves time and effort to diagnose the device.

Volvo’s 6-cylinder D7C290 engines provide enough power to tackle the toughest jobs. It is 290 hp. at a motor speed of 1900-2300 rpm. To increase power, the engines are equipped with a turbocharging system.


Engine’s type diesel
Production years 09/1998
Power output, hp / kW 290 / 213
Displacement, cc 7300
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 12
Cylinder bore, mm 107
Piston stroke, mm 135
Crankshaft bearings 7
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Cylinder head SOHC/OHC
Timing mechanism spur gear
Timing rocker arm
Cooling water

Volvo D7C290Volvo D7C engines are highly reliable diesel engines with excellent power and maximum torque parameters. Fast acceleration, smooth running and low noise levels are the main advantages of the Volvo D7C engines. And their efficiency in terms of operating costs and high environmental friendliness make them even more competitive.

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