Engine MAN D2676

Engine MAN D2676

The D2676LF in-line 6-cylinder engines with a displacement of 12.4 liters, depending on the version, can comply with the environmental standards Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5. These engines operate with a common rail high pressure fuel injection system in combination with the EDC 7 electronic injection control system. (Electronic Diesel Control).

MAN engines of the D2676 series are equipped with a one-piece cylinder head with overhead camshaft (OHC – Over-Head-Camshaft). The cylinder head is made of special cast iron and has shrunken valve seat inserts and pressed-in replaceable valve guides. The valve guides on all four valves are fitted with valve stem seals. The valves are actuated via individually replaceable rocker arms on the rocker arm shafts. The engine brake on the exhaust valves (EVB – Exhaust Valve Brake) is designed as individually replaceable bridges.


Factory markings D 2676 LF 26
Power output 324 kW / 440 hp
Displacement 12412 cc
Number of cylinders 6 pieces
Valves 24 pieces
Manufacturer MAN
Torque output 2100 Nm / 930 rpm
Cylinder bore 126 mm
Piston stroke 166 mm
Main bearings 7 pieces
Power Index 35 hp per liter (1000 cc) displacement

  1. Coolant manifold
  2. Cylinder head cover
  3. Intake pipe
  4. Wire shaft cover
  5. Engine control unit
  6. Flywheel housing / gear housing
  7. Profile hose
  8. single cylinder air compressor
  9. Pump No. 1 of the power steering
  10. Hydraulic pump
  11. Pump No. 2 power steering
  12. Carter
  13. Fuel Treatment System (KSC)
  14. Discharge line
  15. Fuel priming pump
  16. High pressure pump
  17. High pressure pump drive
  18. Generator
  19. Oil pan
  20. PriTarder
  21. Thermostat manifold
  22. Charge air manifold
  23. Coolant manifold
  24. Glow plug
  25. Oil module
  26. AGR module
  27. Charge pipe

The TGS and TGX models are equipped with the new D20 Common Rail / D26 Common Rail in-line six-cylinder diesel engines (R6) (engine numbers 1-3). The engines are available in the Euro 4 version with a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system and PM-Kat® catalyst, as well as in the Euro 5 version based on SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction, AdBlue as an exhaust emission additive). The newly developed V8 Common Rail engine from the D28 engine family complements the TGX range program. In accordance with European regulations, the engines are equipped with an On-Board-Diagnose system, including a NOx sensor (torque reduction in the event of excess NOx emissions).

D26 Common Rail Engines

Vehicle designation Power [kW] Engine designation
xx.480 353 kW D2676LF14
xx.540 397 kW D2676LF13
xx.480 353 kW D2676LF16
xx.540 397 kW D2676LF15

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