Engine Caterpillar C12

Engine Caterpillar C12

The American-made Caterpillar C12 engine boasts a wide range of applications, from highway buses and trucks to industrial vehicles. The Cat C12 offers an environmentally friendly engine that takes full advantage of the electronically controlled block injection fuel system for exceptional fuel economy and performance. Additional display systems and an electronic control system are available with additional space for future improvements.

This engine is equipped with a fan drive mounting bracket, front engine mounts, an oil filter, and a dry-charge coolant conditioner.

The most economical fuel consumption, low weight and high reliability. More expensive, at first glance, repairs protect the owner of a poor-quality bulkhead assembly outside the factory conditions. After all, no one doubts that a turbine rebuilt at the Caterpillar plant is more reliable than a turbine rebuilt in a nearby garage.

Caterpillar C12

However, meeting the consumer halfway, Caterpillar has created good conditions in this matter as well: unlike other engine manufacturers that offer new, remanufactured and refurbished parts as spare parts. kits, Caterpillar offers new, remanufactured and remanufactured assemblies (eg new turbine, remanufactured turbine and remanufactured turbo cartridge). Of course it’s cheaper to buy rem. kit than cartridge, but actually on rem. the kit also needs to add the cost of work, and the result may be negative, in contrast to the cartridge, which is restored at the factory, and you can even replace it yourself.

A large number of changes have undergone: the electronic system, the injector pump, improved fuel filtration, fuel heating; the device of the injector valve has been simplified and its service life has been increased, the function of turning off some of the injectors at idle speed has been added, which further increases the service life of the injectors and reduces fuel consumption.

  • C12 commercial traction engines have a power range of 340–490 hp, a speed range of 1800–2300 rpm, and meet the emission requirements of IMO I, IMO II;
  • High efficiency C12 traction motors and maneuvering systems – 578-609 hp, 2300 rpm range, meet IMO I emission requirements.


Number of cylinders 6
Configuration inline
Cylinder bore, mm 130
Piston stroke, mm 150
Displacement, cc 12
Intake system turbocharged air-cooled sequential
Cooling system volume, liters 10,4
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1574х969х1005
Weight, kg 1174 (dry weight)

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