Engine KamAZ-740

Engine KamAZ 740

KamAZ trucks began to be built in 1969. For the new generation of trucks, engineers have created a 4-stroke diesel 8-cylinder KamAZ-740 V8 engine. This power unit had a displacement of 10852 cm3, and its power was 210 horsepower. Then the power ratings had to be expanded from 180 to 360 hp. The motor has relatively small dimensions, and also has a lower mass in comparison with the same YaMZ-238.

The torque from the motor to the main units is transmitted by means of spur gears. So, the gears are used for the drives of the gas distribution system, pumps and compressors, as well as the hydraulic booster. The KamAZ-740 engine has a good start even at very low ambient temperatures. This is made possible by the power of the battery, starter and heater of the units before starting.


Engine’s type diesel turbo
Configuration V-8
Valves 16
Power output, hp from 210 for the first modifications to 440 for the last
Torque output, Nm from 667 for the first modifications to 2060 for the last
Euro standards from Euro 0 for the first modifications to Euro 5 for the last
Displacement, liters 10,85 / 11,76
Cylinder bore, mm 120
Piston stroke, mm 120/130
Compression ratio 16.0 / 16.8 / 17.0
Weight, kg 835
Cylinder block alloy cast iron

Motors under Euro-1 are distinguished by their crankshaft, pistons, piston pins, piston rings, a modified head, a turbocharger without an intercooler, a YAZDA 337 pump, and 273 injectors.

For engines under Euro-2 with a stroke of 120 mm, a crankshaft with a different flywheel mount is used, pistons from Euro-1, as well as an air intercooler. There are also Euro-2 engines with a piston stroke of 130 mm, which gives a displacement of 11.76 liters. There are pistons with a height of 70.7 mm, their liners, piston pins remain old.

Diesels for Euro-3 are created on the basis of Euro-2 and have their own more durable heads, differ in crankshaft, piston rings, 274 injectors.

KamAZ Euro-4 engines are distinguished by pistons, piston pins, rings, heads with a Common rail injection system, and the presence of an SCR catalyst.

Modifications of KamAZ-740

  1. KamAZ-740.10 is an atmospheric engine under Euro-0 standards with a capacity of 210 hp. at 2600 rpm, torque 667 Nm at 1600-1800 rpm.
  2. KamAZ-740.10-20 – the same model, but 271 injectors.
  3. KamAZ-7403.10 is a turbo engine based on 740.10, with pistons for a compression ratio of 16 (larger combustion chamber), with its own piston pins, with a different intake system, injection pump 334, 271 injectors, as well as with TKR 7N1K turbines. The camshaft remains old. The motor complies with Euro-0 standards. Power 260 HP at 2600 rpm, torque 834 Nm at 1600-1800 rpm.
  4. KamAZ-740.11-240 is a Euro-1 turbodiesel with a YAZDA 337-40 high pressure fuel pump, 273-31 injectors, with a compression ratio of 16.5 and a power of 240 hp. at 2200 rpm, torque 834 Nm at 1400 rpm. The motor does not have an intercooler.
  5. KamAZ-740.13-260 – analogue of 740.11-240 with YAZDA 337-42 and 273-20 injectors, power increased to 260 hp
  6. KamAZ-740.30-260 – model for Euro-2 standards. There are TKR 700 turbines with an intercooler, a YAZDA 337-20 pump and 273-20 injectors. Power 260 HP at 2200 rpm, torque 1079 Nm at 1300 rpm.
  7. KamAZ-740.31-240 is an analogue of 740.30, but the power is reduced to 240 hp
  8. KamAZ-740.35-400 is a version with a crankshaft with a piston stroke of 130 mm, which made it possible to increase the working volume to 11.76 liters, the compression ratio is 16.8. There are TKR 700 turbines with an intercooler, injection pump 337-24, injectors 274-22, ELARA 50.3763 ​​ECU. Power is equal to 400 hp. at 2200 rpm, torque 1570 Nm at 1400 rpm.
  9. KamAZ-740.37-400 – the same 740.35, but there is a Bosch PE8P120A920 / 5RV pump, AZPI 216-02 injectors, a Bosch MS6.1 control unit, and the power reaches 400 hp. at 1900 rpm, torque 1766 Nm at 1300 rpm.
  10. KamAZ-740.38-360 is an analogue of 740.37, but the output is reduced to 360 hp. at 1900 rpm, torque 1569 Nm at 1200-1400 rpm.
  11. KamAZ-740.50-360 is a Euro-2 engine with a YAZDA 337-20 pump, 273-20 injectors, with TKR-700 turbines and an intercooler. Power 360 HP at 2200 rpm, torque 1472 Nm at 1400 rpm.
  12. KamAZ-740.51-320 – the same version, but with 320 hp. at 2200 rpm, torque 1275 Nm at 1400 rpm.
  13. KamAZ-740.52-260 – 260 hp version
  14. KamAZ-740.53-290 – 290 hp model
  15. KamAZ-740.55-300 – modification for 300 hp for KamAZ-43118.
  16. KamAZ-740.60-360 – Euro-3 modification with electronic injection pump YAZDA 337-23, injectors 274-20, turbochargers TKR-700 and ECU ELARA 50.3763. The motor began to develop 360 hp. at 1900 rpm, torque 1570 Nm at 1300 rpm.
  17. KamAZ-740.61-320 is an analogue of the above-described engine with 320 hp. for KamAZ-6520. The pump used here is 337-23.01.
  18. KamAZ-740.62-280 is a 280 hp turbodiesel with a 337-23.02 pump.
  19. KamAZ-740.63-400 is a 400-strong version for Euro-3 for KamAZ-6460, 6520 and 65225. There are AZPI 216 injectors and Bosch electronics (pump PE8P120A920 / 5RV, ECU MS 6.1).
  20. KamAZ-740.64-420 – Euro-3 model for 420 hp. for KamAZ-5460 and LiAZ-5256.
  21. KamAZ-740.65-240 – modification for 240 hp for ecological class Euro-3. There is a YAZDA 337-23.03 / 04 pump, 274-40 / 41 injectors and an ELARA 50.3763 ​​control unit.
  22. KamAZ-740.602-360 is a model for environmental class 4 (rules 96-02) with Common rail injection. The internal combustion engine produces 360 hp
  23. KamAZ-740.612-320 – analogue of 740.602 for 320 hp
  24. KamAZ-740.622-280 – variation for 280 hp
  25. KamAZ-740.632-400 – 400 hp model
  26. KamAZ-740.642-420 is the top model of this series, which develops 420 hp
  27. KamAZ-740.652-260 – 260 hp version
  28. KamAZ-740.662-300 is a 300-strong model.
  29. KamAZ-740.70-280 is an analogue of 740.602, but it has a scr catalyst and complies with Euro-4 standards.
  30. KamAZ-740.71-320 – the same diesel, but power increased to 320 hp
  31. KamAZ-740.72-360 – even more powerful model – 360 hp
  32. KamAZ-740.73-400 – 400 hp version
  33. KamAZ-740.74-420 – 420 hp analogue
  34. KamAZ-740.75-440 – the most powerful of the Euro-4 line – 440 hp
  35. KamAZ-740.705-300 – Euro-5 version with 300 hp
  36. KamAZ-740.725-360 – the same version under the 5th ecological class for 360 hp
  37. KamAZ-740.735-400 – 400 hp version
  38. KamAZ-7409 – gas-diesel engine for KamAZ-5320.

KamAZ 740

Frequent problems

Among the owners of this car, the main malfunctions of the KamAZ 740 engines are considered to be a sharp decrease and jumps in power, an increase in the consumption of lubricants and fuel. Also a popular problem is the high smoke level of the exhaust. Pressure drop in the lubrication system is not uncommon. The unit may idle unstable, sometimes there are different extraneous sounds in different nodes. Most of the faults are associated with the crankshaft. Possible coolant leak.

If the engine has been used to its limit and, even more often, if it has not been properly maintained, repairs are inevitable. But after a major overhaul, the car will be able to work again at full strength, and perhaps even much better.

The Kamaz-740 engine number is located on the block on the left along the course, in front of the engine. For engines up to 2007, the number is stamped in the area of ​​the 4th cylinder.

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