Engine Caterpillar C9

Engine Caterpillar C9

CAT C9 ACERT industrial engine manufactured by Caterpillar (USA) – 6-cylinder, in-line, 4-stroke, direct injection, turbocharged with air-to-air aftercooling, electronic control unit (ADEM ™ A4), HEUI ™ fuel system, high efficiency of oil filters, lighter design of the cylinder block, split connecting rods.

Engine power Caterpillar C9 – 278-381 HP at a crankshaft rotation speed of 1800-2200 rpm. The engine meets Tier 3 (US EPA) and Stage IIIA (European Union requirements) emission standards using Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology (ACERT). It covers 4 systems to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases and covers:

  • fuel system;
  • fuel combustion process;
  • clean air intake system;
  • implementation of an electronic control and management system.


Number of cylinders 6
Configuration inline
Cylinder bore, mm 112
Piston stroke, mm 149
Displacement, cc 8,8
Compression Ratio 16.1:1
Engine operating mode * A B C D E
Power output, kW (hp) 205 (278) 224 (304) 242 (329) 261 (355) 280 (381)
Crankshaft speed, rpm 1800-2200
Specific fuel consumption, g/(kW*h)
at 1800 rpm at 100% power
214,9 213,6 211,3 212,3
Fuel pump low pressure
Fuel filters
— fine cleaning
top quality, 2 microns
Turbine Turbocharging with air-to-air cooling system
Cooling system Thermostats and housing, vertical outlet
Cooling system volume, liters 13.9 (without radiator filling volume)
Water pump centrifugal water pump, water pump inlet
Oil system volume, liters 32
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1091,4х827,2х1022,8
Weight, kg 776 (dry weight)

Caterpillar C9

IND – A mode (continuous operation) – the mode of continuous operation of the engine in severe conditions, when the engine is operated at maximum power and maximum speed up to 100% of the working time, without interruption or periodic load reduction.

IND – B mode – engine operation mode, in which the power and (or) rotation speed periodically decrease in comparison with the maximum value (the duration of operation at full load does not exceed 80% of the total operating time)

IND mode – C (intermittent mode) – operation of the engine with a periodic increase in power and (or) speed to maximum values ​​(duration of operation at full load does not exceed 50% of the total operating time)

IND – D mode – engine operation mode, in which periodic increase in power to the maximum value is allowed (duration of operation at full load does not exceed 10% of the total operation time)

IND – E mode is a mode in which maximum power is required for a short period of time for starting or in the event of a sudden overload. For emergency operation where the normal power level is not sufficient (run time at full load does not exceed 5% of the total run time).

Engine Operation:
The power of this engine is achieved due to the volume, and not by strong forcing, which as a result significantly reduces the load on the engine parts and has a positive effect on fuel consumption. The redesigned fuel system has improved fuel economy by 4% over the previous version. The use of a variable speed supercharger allows for maximum torque from 1800 rpm. Compression brake extends pad life with 381 hp engine braking power. High quality workmanship improves the reliability of the engine.

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