Engine Volvo D8K280

Engine Volvo D8K280

The D8K280 engine from Volvo is a 7.7 liter inline 6-cylinder diesel with turbocharging and intercooling. The engine power is 280 HP, the torque is 1,050 Nm. The engine complies with the EU emission requirements of the Euro 6 standard.

Features and benefits

  • exceptional flexibility due to wide torque range and quick response to accelerator pedal pressure;
  • efficient combustion and exhaust filtration with SCR and DPF systems ensure low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and low emissions


Engine’s type diesel
Max power output 280 hp (206 kW) at 2200 rpm
Max RPM 2800 rpm
Max torque output 1050 Nm / 950–1700 rpm
Displacement 7,7 dm3
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 24
Compression 17.5:1
Cylinder bore 110 mm
Piston stroke 135 mm
Euro standards Euro 6

power Engine Volvo D8K280The engine can operate easily in an economical rpm range with a minimum number of gear changes thanks to its wide torque range. A quick response to accelerator pedal pressure and improved low-speed performance ensures excellent torque at low revs.

The electronic engine management system EMS, which provides precise fuel injection and efficient combustion, achieves low emissions and low fuel consumption. Efficient combustion is provided by piston heads with annular grooves that force gases to be distributed along the edges of the combustion chamber.

The timing of the fuel injection also changes, which has a positive effect on engine noise and emissions. A small amount of fuel is injected before the main fuel is injected, which helps to reduce the noise level.

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