Engine Volvo D12C460

Engine Volvo D12C460

The Volvo D12C460 engine is a 12-liter inline 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with an intercooler. The well-known and unpretentious D12C engine has been improved and optimized to meet the more stringent EU emission regulations. The D12C460 fulfills the EU emission and noise emission requirements of Euro 3.

D12C460 has a one-piece cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft and electronically controlled unit injectors. The engine is equipped with a Volvo EMS management system and is electronically controlled only.


Engine’s type diesel
Production years 08/1998
Max power output, kW at rpm 460 hp (338 kW) at 1700-1800 rpm
Max torque output 2200 Nm / 1100-1300 rpm
Displacement, cc 12100
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 24
Compression ratio (compression) 18.5:1
Cylinder bore 131 mm
Piston stroke 150 mm
Crankshaft bearings 7
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Cylinder head SOHC/OHC
Timing mechanism spur gear
Timing rocker arm
Cooling water

Volvo D12C460Thanks to the introduction of second generation unit injectors with improved injection characteristics, combined with numerous improvements to the combustion process, the EURO 3 D12C engine maintains consistent service intervals and competitive efficiency.

The D12C460 has improved internal cylinder head cooling as well as improved lubrication oil cooling. The piston and piston rings have been redesigned. All this is done in order to fulfill the requirements regarding reliability and service life also at the EURO 3 level.

The D12C460 is suitable for difficult operating conditions with a large combination weight on roads in hilly terrain. The following components and assemblies are characteristic of the D12C460 engine complete set:

  • an electronic engine management system EMS with a wide range of technical capabilities for diagnostics and troubleshooting;
  • new injector for improved injection control for efficient combustion and reduced exhaust emissions;
  • VEB engine brake / retarder with high braking effect, combining variable valve timing, which turns the engine into a compressor, with a damper in the exhaust manifold;
  • PTO for direct drive of the hydraulic pump.

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