Engine Volvo D6A230

Engine Volvo D6A230

The Volvo D6A230 is a liquid-cooled, 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine with 5.5 liters (5480 cc) displacement, electronically controlled fuel delivery. Develops power up to 230 hp (169 kW). The dimensions of the engine are 1171x605x995 mm, and the dry weight is 580 kg. Turbocharged with intercooled air.

This cast iron engine is equipped with a 12-valve OHV intake / exhaust system, a fuel system with an EDC high pressure rotary fuel pump. Compression ratio: 19:1. Bore: 98.4mm, Stroke: 120mm. The lubrication system is combined. The engine is mounted on seven main bearings. The working volume of the combustion chamber is 48.07 cubic centimeters. Used in Volvo FL6 vehicles.


Displacement, cc 5480
Power output, hp / kW 230 / 169 at 2400 rpm
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1560
Compression 19:1
Cylinder bore, mm 98,43
Piston stroke, mm 120
Cylinder head DOHC
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 12
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Fuel type diesel
Timing mechanism chain
Timing rocker arm
Dimensions, mm
— length
— width
— height
Dry weight, kg 580
Combustion chamber working volume, cc 48.07

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