Engine Volvo D16C550

Engine Volvo D16C550

D16C is the designation for the new 16-liter engine that was released in the fall of 2003. The engine was available in two power ratings, 550 hp or 610 hp, and was a 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine including a turbocharger, intercooler and electronically controlled fuel injection. The Volvo D16C550 engine is completely redesigned with a one-piece cylinder head, overhead camshaft, pump injectors and VEB retarder. The engine met the emission requirements for Euro 3 (EC01).

The D16C 550 develops a high torque in a wide range of low crankshaft speeds, which provides very good adaptability of the engine. The torque of 2800 Nm is achieved only in top gears. Engine operation is controlled by Volvo’s electronic management system EMS (Engine Management System), which contributes to low fuel consumption and low emissions. The system also offers extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities.


Manufacturer Volvo
Also called D16C550
Configuration inline, diesel
Number of cylinders 6
Piston stroke, mm 165
Cylinder bore, mm 144
Displacement, cc 16120
Power output, hp 550
Torque output, Nm / rpm 2800
Euro standards Euro 3

Volvo D16C550The D16C 550 is designed for heavy transport operations. It houses an overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and a fully covering cylinder head. This design results in a very low weight per unit of power and provides fast gas exchange. The combustion chamber is shaped for an optimal combustion process – the shape of the air inlet and the placement of valves in the cylinder head minimize the speed of rotation of the incoming air, thereby reducing the pressure drop and increasing the rate of filling with the combustible mixture.

In addition, the D16C550 engine has individual pump nozzles that provide high injection pressure, which is created mechanically through a rocker arm with a roller driven by an overhead camshaft. The profile of the injection control cam is matched to the nozzle to create a large lift. The cylinder head has only one common fuel supply line to the injectors, and the intake ports and valves are large in diameter to reduce pressure drop.

On the rear side of the engine, gear drives are installed for the power steering pump, fuel and oil pumps, a camshaft and an air compressor. The coolant pump, fan, generator and air conditioning compressor are located on the front of the engine and are driven by multi-V-belt drives. Such a constructive solution provides a low noise level, compactness and good cooling. In addition, it becomes possible to place the power take-off on the rear of the engine.

D16C550 marking explanation

D Motor fuel – diesel
16 Cylinder volume, l.
C Engine Generation
550 Engine power – 550 HP

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