Engine Caterpillar C10

Engine Caterpillar C10

The modern Cat C10 diesel engine features 6 cylinders in-line, Cat Electronic Ignition System direct injection, cooled turbocharged, ADEM ™ F4 ECU, HEUI ™ fuel system, high efficiency oil filters, lightweight cylinder block and split connecting rods.

Caterpillar C10 was launched in 1995 and has been in production for 9 years. In 2004, it was replaced by Caterpillar C9. C10 are equipped with an electronic control unit and a mechanical injector drive. The engine uses two-piece composite pistons. The engine found its main application in trucks and industrial equipment.


Number of cylinders 6
Configuration inline
Cylinder bore, mm 125
Piston stroke, mm 140
Displacement, cc 10,3
Compression Ratio 17,25:1
Power output, kW (hp) 231-317 kW (310-425 hp) at 2200 rpm depending on configuration
Injection direct injection Cat Electronic Ignition System
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1287x918x1078
Weight, kg 630 (dry weight)

Caterpillar C10

Caterpillar C10 diesel engines are used primarily in trucks and buses. The C10 is highly productive and efficient. One of the main features of the C10 engines is their Electronic Control Module (ECM) with standard ATA / SAE data lines. This allows you to determine the most efficient use of your engine. The working range is 1200 to 1800 rpm. Cat C10 engines are designed for low maintenance and are durable and durable. They are some of the quietest and most reliable motors on the market.

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