Engine MMZ D-240

Engine MMZ D-240

MMZ D-240 refers to diesel 4-cylinder engines, the cylinder block is reinforced, made of cast iron, the D-240 engine displacement is 4.75 liters. The power plant is atmospheric, characterized by increased reliability and simple design.

The motor is easily repaired, the procedure is possible even in the field. Since the power plant is diesel, the fuel supply is injection, the engine is provided with the required thrust and sufficient power. The constructive solution was the use of an inseparable type of working chamber on the engine. In addition, the fuel injection is double, with the formation of vapors of the working fluid in the volume and the distribution of the fuel in the form of a film over the cylinder and piston.

High-strength gray cast iron helps the engine block to avoid thermal deformations. The material made the motor heavy, the mass of the MMZ D-240 engine is 430 kg, which justified itself, since the motor does not have diseases inherent in similar mechanisms.


Cylinder block alloy cast iron
Fuel system direct injection
Configuration inline
Displacement, liters 4.75
Power output, hp 80
Number of cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 2
Piston stroke, mm 125
Cylinder bore, mm 110
Compression ratio 16
Fuel type diesel
Fuel consumption not more than 238 liters per hour

Cooling system of the D-240 engine

Closed-type liquid cooling is installed on the D-240, therefore the motor is used on the MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 tractors. The closed type of cooling is quite a bold decision, because contact with the environment occurs for a split second and only through the valve. In order not to overheat the engine, the liquid must be at the optimum temperature, which ranges from 80-97 degrees. This indicator is controlled by a thermometer; there is a possibility of manual temperature adjustment.

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