Mercedes OM601

Engine Mercedes OM601

The OM601 engine is a 4-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes OM 601 engines are widely used among taxi drivers. They are prized in large part for their durability. In this regard, it becomes possible to save significant funds on maintenance of these engines, since the periods between the next service works are quite long.

The main features of the OM601 engine are hydraulic tappets in the valve drive, an aluminum cylinder head and a high pressure pump with automatic bleeding to remove air.

These motors are more high-speed, they are noisy, higher liter power and economy. At the same time, they require significantly more qualified service. On engines, hydraulic pushers fail due to deteriorating lubrication conditions, accompanied by a characteristic knock of valves.


Engine’s type diesel
Production years 10/1988
Power output, kW at rpm 58-60 at 4000
Power output, hp at rpm 72-89 at 4000
Displacement, cc 2299
Number of cylinders 4
Valves 8
Torque output, Nm / rpm 150 at 2800
Compression 22.0:1
Cylinder bore, mm 89
Piston stroke, mm 92
Crankshaft bearings 4
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Fuel system inline injection pump
Turbine intake
Cylinder head SOHC/OHC
Timing mechanism chain
Cooling water

Engine Mercedes OM601Mercedes OM 601 engines have 4 cylinders (2 valves each) installed in one row. These engines are available in two versions – with a working area of ​​2 liters. and 2.3 liters. The second version was originally produced for the North American market, but this modification can be found on other continents.

The main material used in the manufacture of OM601 motors is lightweight aluminum. This made it possible to significantly reduce the weight and, accordingly, increase the dynamics of the vehicle.

The camshafts and the fuel injection pump are driven by a duplex chain from the crankshaft. A separate single-row chain drives the oil pump from the crankshaft. Fuel delivery is indirect injection through a prechamber. The fuel pump is a mechanical fuel injection unit with mechanical speed control, automatic height compensation and load-sensing idle speed control. Lubrication of in-line multi-section injection pumps of OM601 diesels is carried out by supplying them with oil from the general circuit of the engine lubrication system. Therefore, saving on the quality of engine oil and the timing of its replacement leads to wear not only of the engine, but also of the pump camshaft, pushers and plunger swivel bushings, as well as the gear rack and pump regulator.

Mechanical fuel injection is carried out using a high pressure pump. Mercedes OM601 engines have won respect not only for their economy, but also for reliability, endurance and safety. They cope with steep ascents and descents without any problems and work flawlessly on roads with difficult sections.

Frequent problems

Due to the complicated design, a large number of nodes and elements fall into the risk group. This does not apply to the CPG, which is characterized by high strength. The turbine and the dual-mass flywheel are also of excellent quality. A common defect is the appearance of an oil leak from under the cover of the vacuum pump of the brake booster and engine control. The most common malfunctions that are possible on the OM601 engine:

  • Difficulty starting, which is often associated with wear of the injection pump or less often – malfunctions in the injection system;
  • a noticeable decrease in power and speed, which is explained by a malfunction of the valve mechanism installed in the intake manifold;
  • excessively slow heating of the motor unit caused by damage to the thermostat;
  • unexpected transition of the engine to emergency mode – stop, which is associated with malfunctions of injectors;
  • noise and knocking caused by timing chain problems.

Untimely replacement of the chain and dampers can lead to its breakage, which often completely disables the block head. Therefore, the gas distribution mechanism must be checked periodically.

Explanation of marking

OM Heavy Fuel Oil (Diesel) ICE
601 Engine type: in-line

During its existence, the models have undergone many changes, as a result of which they received a modern fuel system that does not allow toxic emissions to enter the environment. Thus, these motors comply with European environmental standards. The changes also affected the design itself: in the latest versions, light aluminum is used for the production of Mercedes OM 601 engines, which made it possible to reduce the weight of the engines and improve the dynamics of the car’s movement.

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