Engine Mercedes OM628

The OM628 engine is an 8-cylinder diesel internal combustion engine in a V-configuration with direct injection and turbocharger, developed and produced by Daimler-Benz for use in Mercedes-Benz mid-range passenger cars. OM 628 debuted in the summer of 2000 in the Mercedes S 400 CDI S-Class (220 series). Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM628

Engine Mercedes OM629

Mercedes OM629 is a 4-liter, 8-cylinder V-shaped internal combustion diesel engine. The engine has a direct fuel injection system (Common Rail) and a turbocharger. The engine was installed on the largest and most expensive models of the Mercedes-Benz concern from 2005 to 2010. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM629

Engine Mercedes OM612

The Mercedes Benz OM612 engine is a 5-cylinder diesel engine with 2 overhead camshafts that drive 20 valves through pushrods. Compared to its predecessor OM604, it has 30% more power, 50% more torque and 10% less fuel consumption. An oxidation catalyst is used to clean the outlet gases. Continue reading Engine Mercedes OM612

Engine Mercedes M272 KE/DE 35

The M272 E 35 power unit was the evolution of the Mercedes V6 and was supposed to replace the M112 E32 and M112 E37. In addition to the 3.5-liter engine, the lineup includes the 2.5-liter M272 E25 and the 3.0-liter M272 E30. The development of the 272 series was carried out on the basis of the M112, which includes an aluminum BC with a camber of 90 degrees and 106 mm between the cylinders. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M272 KE/DE 35

Engine Mercedes M273 E55/E46

The Mercedes M273 engine debuted in the S-class car in the fall of 2005 and was subsequently installed on the E-, S-, CLS-, R-, CL-, SL- and CLK-class models, as well as off-road vehicles of the ML, GL and G series. family of gasoline V-shaped 8-cylinder internal combustion engines from Mercedes-Benz. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M273 E55/E46

Engine Mercedes M113 E50

The M113 E50 engine is an unusually lightweight, compact engine (unlike its predecessor M119) was a continuation of the line of three-valve M112 engines. The engineers added two more to the six cylinders and got the M113. Due to its compactness, it was installed on all rear- and all-wheel drive Mercedes models. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M113 E50

Engine Mercedes M113 E43

M113 M-Class engine – V-shaped eight-cylinder power unit with a volume of 4.3, 5.0, 5.4 liters. Each cylinder has two intake valves and one outlet valve, two spark plugs for fuel combustion. Depending on the modification of the M113 engine, the engine can have an output of 279-367 hp at 5500-5750 rpm. The torque ranges from 400 to 530 Nm. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M113 E43

Engine Mercedes M111 E23/E23 ML

In 1995, the last and most voluminous engine in the M111 line of engines came out – this is a 2.3-liter M111 E23 engine. It was intended to replace the completely outdated M102 E23 engine technology. At the heart of the E23 is a cast iron cylinder block, with a bore of 90.9 mm, the piston stroke was increased to 88.4 mm, which is 7.9 mm more than in the 2.0-liter version. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M111 E23/E23 ML

Engine Mercedes M112 E37

In 2002, another version of the M112 engine appeared – the E37 with a volume of 3.7 liters. This option is recognized as the largest in the series. To increase the volume, the BC was changed for a piston with a large diameter. The cylinder head does not differ from the base M112: it has one camshaft and 3 valves per cylinder. The head uses the IFGR system, hydraulic lifters and an intake manifold with an adjustable length. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M112 E37

Engine Mercedes M112 E32

In 1997, the new M112 E32 engine replaced the old E32 engine from the M104 series. The main difference between the new series and the old one was that now the motors became V-shaped with a breakup angle of 90 degrees. The move away from the in-line arrangement of the cylinders allowed the engine to be made more compact and to unify 6- and 8-cylinder engines as much as possible, which, in turn, made it possible to install both series of engines in the same car models. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M112 E32