Engine Mercedes M104 E32

Mercedes Benz М104 is a 6-cylinder in-line engine with a cast iron block with a volume (respectively) of 3.0 l and 3.2 l with variable valve timing. Replaced a motor marked M103. On engines without an ignition distributor, the intake camshaft was equipped with an electro-hydraulic clutch to change the valve timing. The phase change took place without smooth adjustment – only two extreme positions (“earlier” – “later”). Continue reading Engine Mercedes M104 E32

Engine Mercedes M103 E26

The younger version of the M103 series developed and released as a replacement for the ancient M123 engine was the M103 E26. The basis for the creation of the 2.6-liter power unit was the M103 E30, the cylinder diameter of which was reduced to 82.9 mm (88.5 mm on the base engine). The cylinder head from the M103 E30 is adapted for the E26, the diameter of the intake valves has been reduced from 43 mm to 40 mm, and the diameter of the outlet valves from 39 mm to 35 mm. Fuel injection system – mechanical injection. Continue reading Engine Mercedes M103 E26