Engine Mercedes OM606

The 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder Mercedes OM606 engine was assembled from 1993 to 2001 and was installed on such popular models as the E-Class, S-Class and the Gelandewagen SUV. This power unit was offered in two versions: 300D with 136 hp and 300TD for 177 hp.

The OM606 motor is renowned for its durability. It is not without reason that the Finnish BSR team took up the task, using both a turbine and a twinchargink. The tuned OM606 produces over 500 hp and is endowed with nitrogen injection. Structurally, the diesel engines of Mercedes of the OM 602/604/605/606 series are very similar – they all have a cast iron block and aluminum heads with 4 valves per cylinder and mechanical injection pumps.


Modifications OM 606 D 30 atmospheric OM 606 D 30 turbo (OM 606 D 30 LA)
Displacement, cc 2996 2996
Power, hp (kW) at rpm 136 (100) / 5000 177 (130) / 4400
Torque output, Nm (kg-m) at rpm 210 (21) / 4600 330 (21) / 3600
Fuel type diesel fuel diesel fuel
Fuel consumption, L/100 km 6.8 – 8.3 7.9 – 8.7
Configuration inline, six-cylinder inline, six-cylinder
CO2 emission, g/km 196 – 220 196 – 220
Cylinder bore, mm 87 87
Piston stroke, mm 84 84
Valves per cylinder 4 4
Supercharger no Turbine
Compression ratio 22 22

Prechamber OM 606 diesels (otherwise they were also called vortex chambers) are named after the method of mixing and preparing the working mixture: as a result of the piston stroke, at the end of the compression stroke, air is forced through a thin opening of the preliminary combustion chamber (prechamber) while strongly swirling. Where actually the fuel is injected. Thus, fuel combustion does not take place in the cylinder, but in a specially designed chamber, which is located in the block head. After ignition, gases in the opposite direction through the hole break out into the cylinder and press on the piston, as a result of which the working stroke occurs.

A feature of these diesels was the increased noise during operation, since all the fuel is burned in one portion. Compared to gasoline, these diesel engines were distinguished by lower fuel consumption, but at the same time low power.

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