Engine Scania DSI14

Engine Scania DSI14

Scania started producing V-type diesel engines back in 1969. Then these were DS 14 engines with a working volume of 14.18 liters, 260 and 350 liters. with. They were launched into production to develop a cabover line of heavy trucks.

The motors complemented Scania’s 9 and 11-liter inline sixes, with a maximum power of 265 hp, which now looks insufficient. Scania did not strive to create V6 engines and exotic V10 / V12 engines for trucks. We stopped at the V8 release, and this turned out to be the best solution. Constantly improving its diesel engines, the company forced competitors to catch up with the “bench”.


Manufacturer Scania
Also called DSI 14
Production years 1969
Configuration V-shaped turbocharged and liquid-cooled intercooler
Number of cylinders 8
Piston stroke, mm 140
Cylinder bore, mm 127
Displacement, cc 14181
Power output, hp 350
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1900
Euro standards Euro 2
Weight, kg 1700
Engine oil capacity, liter 17-25

The diesels were built on the basis of the modular scheme adopted at that time by Scania and were extremely unified with in-line engines. In addition to the common piston group with a diameter of 127 mm, separate cylinder heads were used and, for the first time, five-hole injector nozzles, perfect for trucks and truck tractors that have to work in harsh road and climatic conditions.

The design feature of these engines is that the cylinder heads are located separately from each other, and the cylinder block itself has replaceable liners, which greatly simplifies the repair of these devices. The engines of the DSI14 model comply with the requirements of the Euro 2 environmental standard. Thanks to their high performance and maximum torque, the engines of the Scania DSI14 family are indispensable helpers when performing tasks of the highest complexity.

Main engine elements

  1. Nameplate;
  2. Engine serial number
  3. Oil cooler;
  4. Oil dipstick;
  5. Oil purifier;
  6. Oil filter;
  7. Engine oil drain plug;
  8. Circulation pump;
  9. Charge air cooler;
  10. Turbocharger;
  11. Fuel pump;
  12. Fuel filter;
  13. Starter;
  14. Alternator;
  15. Fan belt adjuster;
  16. Cooling pipes;
  17. Inspection holes, engine block;
  18. Coolant drain cock;
  19. Oil filler cap;
  20. Water pump;
  21. Heat exchanger;
  22. Protective anodes;
  23. Expansion tank with lid;
  24. Oil pressure sensor;
  25. Charge air cooler;
  26. Radiator air supply pipe.

Explanation of Scania DSI14 markings

DSI Engine with supercharged and liquid-cooled intercooler
14 Working volume in cubic meters decimetres

The legendary 14-liter V-8 engines from Scania have undergone significant changes over the years of series production. The strength and reliability of the units were increased, a modern fuel injection system was applied, which allows to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and many other technologies.

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