Engine Scania DC9

Engine Scania DC9

The Scania DC9 engine with a 4-valve cylinder head in various modifications is currently being produced and is included in the 4-5 series trucks of the P, R, G models. The DC 9 also meets higher environmental standards than its predecessor, the DSC9, which in turn is Euro 2 compliant.

Scania in-line engines are classics of the genre that have a future with regard to the further development of Scania engines. Inline diesel engines are installed on almost all models of long-haul tractors, trucks and Scania special equipment.


Manufacturer Scania
Also called DC 9
Cylinder block alloy cast iron
Fuel system direct injection
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 6
Piston stroke, mm 144
Cylinder bore, mm 115
Compression ratio 16
Displacement, cc 9000
Power output, hp 260-310/2100
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1337/1500
Fuel type diesel
Euro standards Euro 3
Weight, kg 890 (dry)

DC 9 motor diagram

  1. Turbocharger;
  2. Oil cooler;
  3. Oil filler neck;
  4. Engine number, stamp on the cylinder block;
  5. Oil filter;
  6. Coolant pump;
  7. Coolant drain plug;
  8. Centrifugal oil filter;
  9. Type notation;
  10. Fuel filter;
  11. Fuel pump with hand pump:
  12. Starter;
  13. Oil dipstick;
  14. Oil plug;
  15. Engine control unit.

The engine is equipped with an electronic control system (EMS, Engine Management System). This engine management system ensures that the correct amount of fuel is delivered to each cylinder, at the correct time, in all operating situations.
The engine management system consists of a control unit and a number of sensors that provide the following information:

  • engine speed;
  • charge air temperature;
  • charge air pressure;
  • coolant temperature;
  • oil pressure;
  • activating the throttle valve.

Based on this information, the system calculates the correct fuel volume and correct injection timing for each injector, taking into account the specific operating situation.

Explanation of DC 09 marking

DC Diesel engine with turbocharger and air-cooled intercooler.
09 Total working volume, dm3.

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