Engine DAF B85

Engine DAF B85

The DAF B85 engine, a 2-cylinder engine for the DAF 44, was developed to replace the less powerful engine in the DAF 33. The bore remained unchanged at 85.5 mm and the piston stroke was increased to 73.5 mm. This resulted in an increase in engine displacement from 746 cc to 844 cc and an increase in the declared power from 28 hp. up to 34 hp at 4500 rpm. The compression ratio remained low enough to allow the use of relatively low octane fuel. Produced in the period 1966-1974 for the DAF 44 and DAF 46.


Engine’s type gas engine
Power output, hp / kW 34/ 25 at 4500 rpm
Displacement, cc 844
Number of cylinders 2
Valves 4
Cylinder bore, mm 85,5
Piston stroke, mm 73,5
Configuration boxer engine
Fuel type gasoline
Fuel system intake manifold injection / carburetor
Cylinder head OHV

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