Engine DAF XE 315 C

Engine DAF XE315C

The DAF XE315 engine is a 12.6 liter, inline 6-cylinder turbocharged, intercooled engine with a capacity of 428 hp. The engine is designed in accordance with the emission level requirements corresponding to the Euro-3 standard, with the installation of a particulate filter. The XE series fuel system uses direct injection (individual pump sections).

The engines are very similar to the XF series. The fundamental difference between the two is in the fuel system: the XF uses an in-line injection pump (injection pump), and the XE uses direct injection (individual pump sections).


Factory markings XE 315 C1
Power output 315 kW / 428 hp
Displacement 12580 cc
Number of cylinders 6 pieces
Valves 24 pieces
Manufacturer DAF
Compression ratio 17 to 1
Cylinder bore 130 mm
Piston stroke 158 mm
Main bearings 7 pieces
Combustion chamber working volume 123.33 cc
Power Index 34 hp per liter (1000 cc) displacement
Euro standards Euro 3

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