Engine DAF XF315M

Engine DAF XF315M

DAF XF315M is a water-cooled 6-cylinder in-line engine. The motor power is 428 hp. (315 kW) with a volume of 12580 cubic meters. see (12.6 liters). The XF series fuel system uses an in-line injection pump (injection pump) with excellent performance.

All DAF engines are distinguished by high rates of fuel efficiency and are quite unpretentious in terms of fuel quality, which is important for domestic operating conditions. It is worth noting that the injection and intercooler was developed by DAF on the basis of the previous generation diesel engine.


Manufacturer DAF
Also called XF 315 M
Power output 428 hp / 315 kW
Engine’s type diesel, inline
Displacement, cc 12580
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 24
Compression ratio 16:1
Piston stroke, mm 158
Piston diameter, mm 130
Torque output 1900 Nm / 1050 rpm
Cooling water
Fuel system inline injection pump
Configuration R6
Timing drive type OHV
Main bearings 7
Camshaft drive toothed gear
Production years 1997

  1. Thermostat housing
  2. Water pump
  3. Air conditioning compressor
  4. Fan drive
  5. Vibration damper
  6. Pneumatic compressor
  7. Oil cooler
  8. Turbocharger
  9. Centrifugal filter
  10. Oil filler neck
  11. Steering pump
  12. Fuel pump drive housing
  13. Fuel pump
  14. Oil filter
  15. Engine brake valve
  16. Starter
  17. Engine data plate
  18. Fuel filter
  19. Cooling system filter
  20. Coolant line
  21. Intake manifold
  22. Glow relay
  23. Generator

Explanation of marking DAF XF315M

XF Extra Forte, heavy truck series (18-36 tons)
315 Engine power, kW – 315
M Upgraded

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  1. Sydney Maronga

    The Daf XE 250C, XE280C, XE315C are essentially the same engine considering volume, bore and stroke, cylinders, bearings, etc, can you upgrade the XE 250C to XE315C by remapping/tuning the ECU?

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