Engine DAF 1160

DAF 1160 diesel engines are 6-cylinder in-line water-cooled engines with a working area of 11.6 liters. The fuel system uses an in-line injection pump with excellent performance.

The DAF 1160 was produced from 1974 to 1999. During development, the base Leyland 0.680 engine was used, the license for which was acquired by DAF. The manufacturer increased the engine size and power, which in the first DKA 1160 models ranged from 165 hp to 230 hp, depending on the configuration.

A few years later, a more powerful DKS 1160 engine was developed, equipped with a turbocharging system. This system made it possible to increase the power of the unit without increasing the engine size. The most popular was the performance that produced 228 hp (310 kW).

A year later, the production of horizontal engines for outdoor use in transport vehicles and buses began. Their power was 186 hp (252 kW).


Manufacturer DAF
Also called DKX 1160
Configuration 4 Stroke Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 12
Compression ratio 15:1
Piston stroke, mm 146
Cylinder bore, mm 130
Displacement, cc 11600
Power output, hp 330
Fuel system inline injection pump
Configuration R6
Timing drive type OHV
Main bearings 7
Camshaft drive toothed gear

These engines have shown their best side and can still be found in some vehicles today.

Popular Mods

  • DAF DKV1160 with a power of 212kW (280HP). Produced 5/1983 – 9/1991. For DAF F2800, F2805, F3300, F3305, F3325, F3603, F3605, F3625.
  • DAF DKVL1160 206kW (280HP). Produced 1/1973 – 12/1989. For DAF MB200, MB205, MB230.
  • DAF DKX1160 with a power of 243kW (330HP). Produced 6/1981 – 9/1991. For DAF F3300, F3305, F3325, N3300.
  • DAF DKX1160ATI 260 kW (354 HP). Produced 6/1985 – 9/1991. For DAF F3300, F3305, F3325, N3300.
  • DAF DKXE1160 with a power of 212kW (280HP). Produced 1/1984. For DAF F3305, F3325, F3603, F3605, F3625.
  • DAF DKXE1160ATI 206-212KW (280-288HP). Produced 6/1985 – 9/1991. For DAF F2605, F2800.

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