Engine DAF MX-13

The DAF MX-13 engine series is a 6-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine. In the series there are 3 engines with a volume of 12.9 liters and a power of 300, 340 and 375 kW, which are indicated by the corresponding numbers.

The Euro 6 PACCAR MX-13 12.9 liter engine features state-of-the-art rail injection technology, a variable geometry turbo compressor and advanced controls for maximum efficiency. To meet the stringent Euro 6 emissions standard, the engine is equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation system, combined with SCR technology and an active particulate filter.

Series Engines

Engine Power, kW (hp) Torque, Nm
MX-13 300 303 (412) @ 1425-1750 rpm 2000 @ 1000-1425 rpm
MX-13 340 340 (462) @ 1425-1750 rpm 2300 @ 1000-1425 rpm
MX-13 375 375 (510) @ 1425-1750 rpm 2500 @ 1000-1425 rpm


Displacement 12900 cc
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 6
Cylinder bore 130 mm
Piston stroke 162 mm
Compression 17.7:1
Fuel type diesel
Fuel system direct injection
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Engine’s type diesel
Euro standards Euro 6
Cylinder head OHV
Timing mechanism spur gear
Cooling water
Main bearings 7

Advanced technology, premium materials and a wide range of integrated features enhance reliability and durability. Coolant and oil supply lines, low pressure fuel lines and the injection pump housing are built into the cylinder block.

The cylinder block is designed without side covers for maximum rigidity and low noise levels. An intake manifold is integrated into the one-piece cylinder head. A combined fuel pump and water separator mounts directly to the engine for maximum ease of maintenance.

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